A man - who the woman quickly recognised as Ward - got out. In April 1660, Booth was elected to the Convention Parliament. We are indebted to Geoff Gradwell for providing most of the information on the Grelley family. The township of Tabley was held by William Fitz-Nigel in the time of William the Conqueror and is recorded as thus in the Domesday Book of 1086. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. He absolutely adored his baby girl and his wife and was a fantastic dad and husband. Their landholdings in the area were extensive and their country seat, Worthington Hall, was built in 1577. Thomas family released a touching tribute following the sentencing. Later the name was simplified to Standish. Hamon Massey I , son of Sir William De La Fert-Mac Sn De La Fert-Mac and Miss De Conteville Burgh, was born in 1076 in Dunham, Massey, Cheshire, England and died in Dunham, Lancaster, Lancashire Dist., England. In 1516 John gave the lands to his young son Andrew, who had married Agnes. The powerful Towneley (sometimes spelt Townley or Townsley) family lived in the Burnley area from the mid-thirteenth century. They also held Burnley and 'Blackburnshire' in mediaeval times - part of the Burnley Borough Council Coat of Arms still bears the so-called Lacy Knot in recognition of this. They also held lands in Suffolk, Somerset and Sussex. The court heard he called her a 'prostitute' and a 'whore' before he punched her 30 to 40 times. The Downes family of Shrigley Hall, Macclesfield, held the estate for over 500 years until the early 19th century. From online or printed sources and from publicly accessible databases. Dougie Ward, 17, of Aspull Common, Leigh, admitted a section 4 public order offence. Registers of baptisms 1891-1911 are at St. Margaret's. Difficult to establish, but much written of were suggestions that the Heywoods were involved in slavery, though some years later, Robert Heywood gave a public lecture in Bolton deprecating the practice of slavery, and was indeed on the list of subscribers for an anti-slavery publication published in 1842. Records show a bill and receipt to the value of 257.12s.1d (257.60 in modern coinage) for purchase of land in Boothstown, taken for the Leigh Canal, "paid to Sam Clowes, Esq., by His Grace the Duke of Bridgewater". In 1974 Dunham Massey was transferred to the borough of Trafford in the county of Greater Manchester. They had two sons; Roger and John. Neither company now remains, having been taken over and production moved elsewhere. In 1840 Sir Thomas Standish of Duxbury is reported to have sold a coal mine in Duxbury for 8,000. However, ill-advised speculation in continental and American markets led to major financial losses and in 1827 he was declared bankrupt and the family left Woodfold Hall to live at Ashley House near Bath , thus bring Sudell family influence in Lancashire to an ignominious end. Later, another unfortunate William Brereton, along with four companions, was arrested and sent to the Tower of London charged with high treason as lovers of Anne Boleyn . Regrettably, though the Starkeys left the Heywood Hall to Heywood Council, it was finally demolished in 1960. Email us attips@the-sun.co.ukor call 0207 782 4368, News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. By 1389 Roger de Barlow was in possession not only of lands in Barlow, but others in Chorlton, Hardy, and Withington. BAY (Lancashire-Manchester, 1861 Census) BAYLDON 1874 (Census, Gypsies Passing Through) BAYLEY (Ref Gypsy Index Leicestershire County Council) BAYLIS/BAYLISS (Ref Journal of the Romany and Traveller Family History Society) BEACH/BEICH 1891 (Gloucestershire, London) BEADLE 1844 (Gypsies Passing Through) The Cheney Brothers Historic District was a center of the silk industry in Manchester, Connecticut, in the late 19th and early 20th century.The 175-acre (71 ha) district includes over 275 mill buildings, workers houses, churches, schools and Cheney family mansions. Later, in 1412, it is recorded that Robert de Fazakerley, who had married Ellen de Walton, arrived at the Manor of Walton, accompanied by a sizeable armed contingent, to dispossess his new father-in-law, John de Walton, of all the goods and chattels in lieu of the dowry which had not, apparently been paid. She had been living in Oldham, but moved to Manchester after hearing of the plan, the court heard. Built 1875. Built 1855, serving the township of Dunham Massey. The family had owned the districts of Haigh and Blackrod, but these had been paid to the crown in exchange for his knighthood. http://www.thornber.net/cheshire/htmlfiles/warren.html "Warrens of Poynton and Stockport". Many of the splendid villas they built still stand in Broughton Park and Higher Broughton. The family's long association with Trafford Park dates at least from the late 12th century, though nowadays the family name is perhaps best known by virtue of the Trafford Centre, Manchester United's home ground at Old Trafford and the industrial estate at Trafford Park which now lies in the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford and was formerly in Lancashire. An effigy of Sir William Baggiley can be seen in St Mary's Church in Bowdon. In 2012, Joyce and others escaped prison for the punch-up outside Manchester magistrates, including Paddy Doherty's sons David and Simon. In 1792 he was Borough Reeve to the City of Manchester, later Deputy Lieutenant for Lancashire and in 1800 was appointed High Sheriff of Lancashire. Geoffrey de Chadderton had Chadderton Hall built and became first Lord of the Manor of Chadderton. Thomas Sherburne (1505-1536), was High Sheriff of Lancashire and Richard Sherburne (1526-1594), was knighted and held various public offices including Lieutenant of Lancashire. Their estates extended as far as Buckinghamshire and Yorkshire, and minor branches of the family also had holdings in Ireland. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click this link: thesun.co.uk/editorial-complaints/, Hundreds of travellers gathered from all around the UK to pay their respects to the 'King of the Gypsies' Patrick Ward today, A no-expense-spared procession was held in Dulwich, South London, this morning as mourners lined the route, The 72-year-old fatheredeight children and went to have an astonishing 70 grandchildren, He had spent much of his younger life travelling around the UK but eventually settled down in Croydon, South London, Patricklost his battle with liver cancer earlier this month. The Langleys married well and propitiously, having sons and daughters wed into the de Trafford family, the Hollands, and the Asshetons. The Tetlawes were to live at Chamber in Werneth for many generations and the family name appears in numerous historical documents which support this. Two centuries later the de Irlam's lived at Irlam Hall but by 1688 this seat had become the property of Thomas Latham who played a major part in bringing William of Orange to the throne. Mary-Anne's husband Jimmy said: "We would call him a 'true blue' which means he was a gentleman. During the English Civil Wars, a later John Savage, a devoted Royalist, lost Rocksavage to Parliamentarian forces, who looted and demolished much of the building. This same Sir George Booth had fought for the Parliamentarian cause during the First Civil War and was elected MP for Cheshire in May 1645. Judge Martin Rudland compared the brawl to 'a classic . yellowbrick scholarship reviews. In more recent times, in 1802 Jonas Bold became the Lord Mayor of Liverpool and Bold Street in that city is named after him. John's eldest son Nicholas, a captain in the Parliamentary army, was killed at the siege of Hoghton Tower in 1643. The name is probably derived from the Old English/Scandinavian words "nord" (north) and "hus" (house), indicating that the original family probably lived in a house at the north end of the settlement. The Starkies were sufficiently wealthy to provide arms for the local militia in 1574, and Edmund Starkie was summoned by the Queen's Council to lend money to Elizabeth I to defend the country against the threat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. Later there was intermarriage with the Egerton family to become the Egerton-Warburton family on the inheritance of Rowland Egerton, 7th son of Philip Egerton of Oulton Park. Robert Heywood rebuilt the chapel in 1640. In 1666 a William Holland inherited the estate of Heaton (or Heton) just outside Prestwich township. Built 1881 Electoral Districts: North Cheshire (1832-67); Mid Cheshire (1868-85); Altrincham (1885-1945); Bucklow (1945-48); Knutsford (1949-74). Later, Sir Peter Leycester, who was born in 1613, is said to have been the first historian in the county, having created a virtual database of the families of Cheshire. Richard Sherburne (1586-1667), married Elizabeth Walmsley (d.1666). Several alternative forms of the name have appeared over the years, including 'Osbaldtun', 'Osbaldstun', 'Osberston', 'Osbaldton' and 'Osbaston' although American branches have also been shortened to simply 'Deston'. As a result in 1717 the Hall was sold to John Starkey of Rochdale. When William the Conqueror bequeathed substantial north west lands in gratitude to Baron Rogier de Poitou (or Poictou) who had aided in his conquest of England; he in turn gave part of his holdings to Albert de Gresl. Ellesmere Shopping Centre in Walkden is named after the Ellesmere family who did so much for the town. PARKLAND WORLD INDONESIA of Kabupaten Serang, Banten. Several men were involved in the punch-up when rival families clashed outside Manchester magistrates court in Spinningfields. Ward was arrested on August 22, when he was involved in a high speed police chase in Moss Side, Manchester. The Lathoms (also sometimes Latham) are an old Lancashire family dating back to the Norman Invasion. In 1066 the township of Halsall was held by a man named Chettel. This was the Earldom of the de Glasebrook family, and old Norman French family who owned it in the eleventh century - originally given by William the Conqueror to his illegitimate son Galfe. It almost certainly arrived in England with the Norman Conquest of 1066, though a reference is made in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles to an Archbishop Hibbert during the reign of King Offa in the 8th century. The family held substantial lands in Cheshire over many centuries including on the Wirral Peninsula. The Ardernes originally moved to Chester from Warwickshire, when Sir John de Arderne of Alvanley married Joan de Stokeport, daughter of Richard de Stokeport in 1326. John Ward was so furious about the deaths of his two older brothers that he vowed to take revenge against James son Thomas - who was not even born when the feud began. During the 1640s they were forced to flee to York when their estates were confiscated by Parliament on account of their Catholic faith and support for the Royalist cause during the English Civil Wars. Some common Romany Gypsy last names include Cooper, Smith, Lee, Boswell, Lovell, Doe, Wood, Young and Heron. The name has been spelled variously as Anthrobus, Antrobuss and Entrobus. They owned the salt mines in Cheshire and a mill for processing which over time made them a wealthy and influential family. The Belgraves (originally L'Enginour, Venables cadet line). Unfortunately, they fell dramatically from grace when they were imprisoned for debt. He is recorded as having inherited a local meadow and a mill. Other altyernatives include Ilbert Hibbert, Hibberd and Hibbard. Their history in Cheshire was one of intermarriage with other county families, particularly the Davenports, the Leghs and the Dones. His cousin was reputed to be a farmer to Elizabeth I. An old regional surname derived from the village and former ancient manor of Penketh in Lancashire. The Chadderton family take their name after the district of that name, which is now in the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham. The Harrison family name has existed in Lancashire possibly from Anglo-Saxon times, well before the Norman Conquest of 1066. My father's family Dark skinned black hair came through Canada in the 1800's. My mother's family came through Newyork about the same time. This means that we may include adverts from us and third parties based on our knowledge of you. Six years later James shot dead Mickys brother Bimbo Ward and was jailed for his manslaughter at the Old Bailey. Terletak di areal seluas 6500 m2, Citra Alam Seaside memiliki konsep yang hampir sama . First significant mention occurs in 1721, when John and Helen Radcliffe sold Booths Hall to Samuel Clowes, described as "a Manchester merchant", who seems to have systematically bought much land and property in the area, including the Tyldesley Manor. Sometime in the early 15th century, Elizabeth Radclyffe had married her cousin Robert Radclyffe and built their first home at Foxdenton Hall. The family's Cheshire seats and estates were in Alvanley, Bredbury, Harden, Tarporley, and Utkinton, as well as lands in Haughton, Lancashire. The Baskervyle (Baskerville) Family lived at Baskerville Hall near Chelford - Sir John Baskervyle had acquired the manor house and estate in 1266 from one Robert de Camville. The last male members of the family line were William Arderne, personal friend of the Prince Regent, who died in 1849, and his brother Richard, who held the title Baron until his death in 1857. At this time Major-General Feilden sold the estate and park to Blackburn Corporation in the sum of 64,000, with some of the purchase cost provided by local benefactor Mr R E Hart, after which 400 acres of land were made available for public use. Ancoats Hall in Manchester was the principal seat of the Mosleys (sometimes Moseleys). The Walmsley family was associated in earlier times with the Lancashire village of Riston. T he event that had the most effect on my life happened the moment I was conceived. Hamon married Margaret Sacie about 1093 in England. Mourners from the travelling community in Britain and Ireland released balloons in Patrick's honour and two police officers attended. They were patrons of and made several grants to support Burscough Priory. The Heywoods of Little Lever & Manchester. In the 14th century, Adam De Grimshaw had married Cicely De Clayton, and thereafter this branch of the family resided at Clayton Hall, Clayton Le Moors. My family were Romany Gypsies but my father was not. The flamboyant procession, held in Dulwich, south London, saw Patrick's coffin arrive in a white carriage, pulled by six white horses. Some others include Shaw, Gray and Draper. It is believed that none other than William Shakespeare stayed with the Houghtons for a while in the role of school teacher. In 1829 Sir Henry Bold-Hoghton, also High Sheriff of Lancashire, married Dorothea Patten-Bold the daughter of Peter Patten-Bold. Shortly after, in 1568, Hugh Fowden and Mary Stubbs were also married at the same church. In 1286, it was recorded that Adam de Burgo (or Bury) 'granted land in Heywood, in the parish of Bury county of Lancaster,' to Peter de Heywood. The village of Antrobus lies south of Lymm, in the parish of Great Budworth in Cheshire. We are indebted to Peter Osbaldeston for providing all the details of his family history, of which this is a very short version. Dunham Massey, All Saints (C of E). He might have returned to Virginia, but there is no record of this.
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