Thomas says he felt an attraction to Jimmy and thought that he felt the same, but he was wrong. He was eager for the position of Lord Grantham's valet, but was passed over by Long John Silver. For more information, please see our Internally however, he seems to harbor a lot of self hatred and insecurity, proven by his attempt to fix himself through conversion therapy. Barrow showed a softer side (finally! He manipulates her and uses her against Bates, getting her to lie to Carson several times. Andy and Thomas seem to have established a good friendship, but Mrs Hughes and Mrs Patmore don't look favourably the relationship between the two men. She knows it will kill. He was the first president of the Dexter School in 1926. He helps with preparations, but delays polishing the silver in case the royal servants have specifications for what will be used; frustrated by his indecision, Mary invites Carson to return as butler and oversee his work. She is fond of her nephew, and wants to see him succeed. Alfred is a barely experienced footman, and Thomas sees it as an insult that he could just fall into the job in a matter of weeks. Barrow and Ellis became friends but, in A New Era, Thomas received the sad news that the King's Valet got married. He was also friendly with Lady Sybil at the time, never showing any unkindness towards her. April 1912. Jimmy tells Thomas he sincerely appreciates his friendship, indicating how far they've come since their misunderstandings of season 3. He tells Anna that he can't let a man have his life taken away. Both Lord and Lady Grantham have blue eyes, but their eldest daughter, Mary, has brown eyes. All Rights Reserved. He currently lives at Downton Abbey with his maternal grandparents, his mother, stepfather, half-sister, uncle, and eldest cousin. That kiss holds the promise of something more, and we end this story on a hopeful note (as in, the ones they write each other) that perhaps these two men will cross paths again. In the last moments of series six, we see the final wedding, the one that should have happened in series one. Alfred is a barely experienced footman, and Thomas sees it as an insult that he could just fall into the job in a matter of weeks. Thomas leaves as the staff all recognize that he is a better person now. I must go, Master George, but remember, I will always be your friend wherever I am.Thomas saying goodbye to George Crawley. In the last five minutes of the final episode, there are four weddings and a double funeral. The thing with the movie is, this may well be the final installment, or if there is another installment that probably won't be on screens for another couple of years, so you want happy endings. He wants the job of the first footman, but thinks that Mr. Carson favours Alfred. Thomas absolutely refuses. He was played by UK actor, Robert James-Collier. Since the departure of Miss O'Brien to India (curiously implying she had an enormous bad influence over him.) When the staff and the family travel to London for Lady Rose's wedding to Atticus Aldridge, Carson hires a temporary footman, Andrew. Thomas, in a rare display of friendship and loyalty, helps Andy avoid Denker's schemes and get the money back that Andy lost. Because it's a movie, it's not as dramatic as the series because you can't have two hours of drama and emotion. ), moving on from Downton with handshakes and warm wishes for both those from upstairs and downstairs. He says that he likes the sun. Thomas Barrows III (born November 2, 1987) is a sailor who lives in the United States Virgin Islands and attended Yale University, where he won the ICSA Men's Singlehanded National Championship in 2008 and earned the ICSA College Sailor of the Year Award in 2010.. He worries that he will have to do all the work, as Robert will allow no new hires. Throughout the first series, he is always at odds with Bates, trying to get him fired for theft so that he could become a valet. But Daisy feels guilty and admits that she lied, and then later when Molesley sees Thomas "replacing" Carson's wallet, that he pretends to have found on the floor, back into his jacket, Carson tells Lord Grantham, and they agree to fire Thomas. He realises that he will be forced to return to Downton Abbey as a footman. Thomas convinces Lord Grantham that this is proof of Alfred's being not ready for the job. He does relate what he knows to O'Brien. Later, he spies Edna talking to Tom Branson, and later finds her singing in the boot room. While Thomas isn't starstruck at the arrival of the actors and the film crew, he quickly strikes up a friendly relationship with Guy Dexter. But with the help of loving wife Mrs. Hughes, he faced his fears head on, securing a spot in the Downton household for as long as hed like. He is immediately disliked by the Sinderby's butler, Stowell, who is also rude to Baxter and mocks Branson's background for being Irish and a chauffeur. Thomas shares a very close relationship with the children of Downton Abbey, particularly little George - a striking parallel to Carson's relationship with Lady Mary as a little girl. The 50 greatest TV and movie detectives of all time. However, it is increasingly obvious that Lord Grantham expects Bates to return to the job. Thomas inherits the estate. But most importantly, she asked him to keep it quiet until after Ediths wedding. He competed on behalf of the Virgin Islands at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where he participated in the one-person Laser-class . She asks Thomas to teach Alfred to be a valet to Matthew Crawley. We decided to cut it this way in the end. Yet after saving Edith from a fire that started in Edith's bedroom, he immediately earns Cora's gratitude and his job is secure. He has worked at Downton for over 10 years, and as a footman used to wind all the clocks in the house. Thomas is working as the butler at Downton Abbey when they receive news of the upcoming royal visit. They go to run a rival B&B in Dawlish. The First World War (called the Great War) is going on and Thomas, who has enlisted in the army as a medic, is in the trenches, alongside Matthew Crawley. To Mr Bates. Thomas is devastated by Jimmy's betrayal. Mr. Carson introduces the new footman as James so that is the name used upstairs while downstairs, his coworkers call him by Jimmy, the name he prefers. He has a younger half-sister named Caroline Talbot . Unexpectedly, Thomas appears and steps in to protect him. Being aware of Thomas' deterioration, she fetches Andy who kicks open the bathroom door, where they find him unconscious, bleeding in the bath. News arrives that threatens the future of Downton Abbey: Lord Grantham's (Robert Crawley) cousin, James Crawley, heir presumptive to the earldom, and his son Patrick have died in the RMS Titanic disaster. Mrs Hughes and Mr Carson marry and go and run a B&B in Dawlish. Barrow showed a softer side (finally! Daisy gave in to Andrews flirtatiousness and told him shed made up her mind about many things, including to move in with Mr. Mason, where Andrew was learning the farm trade. He still believes that Jimmy himself would not be capable of this and that someone has put him up to it. Sarah O'Brien, in an attempt to get Thomas fired, is leading him to believe that James has feelings for him. Thomass father was a clockmaker, and Thomas has a natural affinity with clocks, calling them living things. He also guesses that "Guy Dexter" is a stage name, and teases him when he reveals that his birth name is Quentin Sidebotham. Jan 7, 2022She knows that Thomas is the illegitimate son of O'Brien and Lord Grantham - and the rightful heir to the house. Thomas knows it was O'Brien or Alfred. Mrs Patmore intercepts the telegrams and, using a unique steam-iron method, gets Daisy (bound for Harvard after securing the first Open University degree*) to help her read them. Thomas starts to think that Jimmy has feelings for him. Editor's note: For the benefit of American readers who haven't yet seen Season 3 of Downton Abbey, please do your best to avoid spoilers when commenting.. June Thomas: Seth, you look so . James throws him out, and he sees Alfred, glaring at him from a doorway. Episode 6.08Strange. Mary slyly arranged for Edith to have dinner at the Ritz with Bertie, who professed his love for the unlucky sister. This is Cora's long-term revenge on her husband. Mary brings George into Thomas' room to cheer him up and both adults identify with each other and their similar previous bad attitudes and actions. Thomas repeatedly insults Alfred, and O'Brien and Thomas each repeatedly try to damage the reputation of the other. Andy admits to Thomas that he cannot read or write anything but his own name, which was all he needed to get into service. Baxter tries to get inside and spots a medicine box with needles. Thomas says he felt an attraction to Jimmy and thought Jimmy returned it, but he was wrong. Written by series creator Julian Fellowes and directed by Simon Curtis, Downton Abbey: A New Era introduces viewers to a bustling time of change and innovation at Downton. ", Though this different ending was the most crucial cut they made, it wasn't the only one. "Initially there was an extra scene that's been removed where maybe the ending wasn't as nice, and it was sort of like, tragical Thomas again," Rob James-Collier tells EW. He tells her how they worked together during the war, and she was one of the few people that ever cared about him. We hope you enjoy your stay. Lord Grantham, however, is so impressed by Thomas's effort to find his dog that he ends up giving Thomas a trial as his valet. When Thomas manages to get them alone, he thanks those who saved his life, and Anna suggests that he think about what made him so low. In 1920 Thomas develops an attraction to the handsome new footman Jimmy Kent. I'm just wondering why on earth it comes up as a fact on google . He didn't always like being a footman. "The Chronicles of Downton Abbey: A New Era" by Jessica Fellowes, Matthew Sturgis. Perhaps the most beleaguered characters (debatable, considering Ediths luck), earned their own happy ending as well, with Annas water breaking in Lady Marys room. While Ellis is visiting his parents, Thomas is approached by a man in the pub named Chris Webster, who brings him to Turton's, an underground gay club. He is extraordinarily ambitious and doesnt let anything or anyone stand in the way of achieving his goals, even if this means lying, stealing, and blackmailing people. But the shows finale took a delightfully happy turn, with an ending that even left the Dowager Countess smiling. O'Brien calls him the house's clock expert. Thomas is beaten and robbed in his place, after Jimmy runs away and leaves him there. In defense of his kissing Jimmy in his sleep, he told Carson after the incident that when one is like him, they must read the signs as best as they can, as no-one dares to speak aloud about it. They are as "thick as thieves" according to Lord Grantham. Thomas is playing in the yearly match when the police come to question him. Where do this come from? After securing a new job, he reveals to Miss Baxter that his impertinence and malicious behaviour is what made him so low as no-one liked him because of it. He tells Thomas that the latter shouldn't worry about Jimmy's romantic exploits, as one day he'll be a good boy and settle down and that's what they'll all do one day. The only clue as to his age is that in. "There was a slightly more ambiguous ending to that story in the original script. Imagine Carson without a footman, like a ring master without a pony.Thomas in Episode 2.02. He realises that happiness can come from friendship and promises to be kinder in his new job and make new friends. . "So you had Robert with the plumber, bonding, and it was quite nice material but we had to cut the script back a bit, it was just too long, and that was an easy bit to take out. However, it is apparent that Thomas' near-death experience has changed him for the better, as he seems to show self-reproach for what he has done and no signs of the intense despair that he felt before.
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