Azur Lane Tier List for June 2022 - Just Updated! Average. Upon main gun fire, 30% chance to double the volley damage. 2. Huge thanks for putting the time into it, still having some troubles running it properly but I'm new to Ankulua in general so am blaming that. , Your email address will not be published. I've basically given up on it but I'll do some tries here and there if there aren't event maps to do. Her complement of 6 fighters and 2 dive bombers is tailor-made to make enemy plane formations' lives hell, but there are barely any (if at all) planes on the stretch leading to W12 and her surface DPS is somewhat lacking; nevertheless, she's a very cheap way to bolster your Air Control value and her lighter payloads will still do work against adds. Average exp/run (before bonuses) = (281*3) + 377 = 1220, Average exp/run (after bonuses) = 1220 * 1.2 * 1.2 = 1757, FMVP total exp = (439 * 1.5 * 2) + 439 = 1317 + 439 = 1756, VMVP total exp = (439 * 1.5) + (439 * 2) = 658.5 + 878 = ~1537. I'm level 54. The 12 SHELLS deal 120 bdmg with 70/100/90 mods. This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. If you want to maximize your oil earnings, we recommend that you open chests. Single 76mm (3/50 caliber gun) T3. So if you use any of these four ships right now, you will gain extra XP, which will be an incredible time for a PR grind. If you complete it with a gold rating, you'll earn 30 tech packs! Similar in form, statline and function to their bigger, blacker cousin - AA aside - these cowgirls operate at a fraction of South Dakota's cost while providing similarly good results, courtesy of their better Efficiency and uncharacteristically high Accuracy. enemy fleets seem to drop the same amount of gold in any map. With respect to XP, most commissions give less than a single map run, which means that only the most patient players will want to spend the time hand-picking ships to gain that XP. Your first real healer and probably also one of your first real CVL options. Required fields are marked *. You can usually find these quests in the Events section of the game. Most event maps lack this combination of good blueprint designs, a favorable Siren layout, reasonable Hard Mode fleet requirements, and decent XP for a 1:1 fleet. The one and only Azur Lane EN/JP Tierless Guides, as curated by Your Waifu Is Ship. It's also worth remembering that you only need as much healing as the damage you're taking; Shouhou or Unicorn do heal better, yes, but if your vanguard doesn't risk dying that much anyway there is little reason to pick them. NOTE: This feature requires Captain Level 50. For example, I would not put Yuubari retrofit to go and farm for someone that requires royal navy vanguard. Exercises do not cost oil, so it is a good way to level up high rarity, high limit break ships (which are often the best performers in Exercises anyways). Battles to spawn boss: 4. However, there is one big misconception. If stacking ACV is what you need but you'd rather not focus on carriers or you need some air superiority on the quick, look no further. You will receive a certain amount of medals based on the rarity and level of the ship you retired. You can also find them in the treasure chests that appear when you complete a map. Welcome Guest. You can get skill books by completing commissions, events, and quests. Lets go through all the ways to get oil. Every torpedo launch has a 30.0% chance to launch another spread. Could a ship with 0 limit break at max level which is lvl70 could still give exp to a pr ship ? Azur Lane 2017 Browse. So annoying spending time on a ship that just wasnt as strong as you thought it would be. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. The best way to farm tech packs is to run the "Repeatable - Research" expedition. From Azur Lane Wiki. You can get oil by thorough several ways such as completing missions, winning battles, or opening chests. Upon taking damage, 8% chance to halve that damage. Think Takao, except a bit frailer and marginally less powerful with their skills but much more reliable and inexpensive. Best Azur Lane Farming and Leveling Techniques When farming a stage, take a look at the number of triangles on any enemy fleet. (Kai). There are a total of 30 achievements that you can complete, and each one will reward you with 50 gems., Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReportAd. Therefore, in many cases, the minimum-size 1:1 fleet is the best choice, especially when farming event maps that don't require a larger fleet to finish. The tier list gives you an idea that running 1:1 setup with a non battleship backline may not be a good idea as you progress to more difficult maps. Can drop T3 upgrade parts unlike 3-4, as well as dropping Yuudachi, but requiring 5 mob fights is problematic. Event currency can be earned by completing event tasks or buying it with real money. Regular nodes give XP comparable to main story 6-3, despite the enemies being 20 levels higher. 2K 62K views 1 year ago #AzurLane This last update changes the whole oil efficiency meta. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. If you manage to do this without a break, you can reach the last level within a maximum of 12-13 hours, even with casual play. Cookie Notice First, back liners usually get more MVPs easier since they generally do more damage than the vanguard. Backline pressure is relatively low, so pump up those vanguards. However, we do not recommend this method as it is not cost-effective and there are other ways to get coins that are much more efficient. While equipment boxes may seem tempting, they're practically never worth buying. You can also buy tech packs from the Munitions store. . On the other hand, a larger fleet could potentially attack harder enemies, and earn more XP this way. "Run" refers to clearing the entire stage. Low. most of them) ddon't really ddo that. There is one triangle, two triangles, and three triangles. The CA you'll use the most early on, thanks to her high staying power and her simply being a gunboat. I make sure to spend a few hours every month updating this Azur Lane Tier List so doubt not, these ships are actually worth your time. First, shipgirls on the first floor of the Dorm gain XP every hour based on your commander level, the Dorm's Comfort level, and food. Once per fight and upon falling below 20% HP, restore 25% HP and +30% FP for 15s. "exp/battle" refers to the amount of experience a non-MVP, non-flagship ship can expect to gain per battle on average. Leveling ships is one of the core systems of advancement in Azur Lane. There are five main shops of note in Azur Lane: General Munitions - Exchange gold for various supplies. List by Stats. A couple of ships to reduce that oil cost will benefit you because you will not have to worry about running low on oil ever again. Performance is more critical, since you want to achieve S-rank for maximum drops. If you have a ton of oil, you can go farm all the way to 12-4 or some higher stage to complete it with a much better fleet. You can get oil by completing lessons, participating in events, or simply logging in each day. (Kai), [General Purpose] Prototype Triple 203mm AA Gun (vs Light), Twin 203mm Main Zaragun (vs Medium), Prototype Triple 203mm Main Gun SKC (vs Heavy); 138.6mm; 40mm Quad Bofors; Research Hydraulic Gear; Toolbox, [Poverty] 203mm SKC (AP) or 203mm HE dual (HE); QF 120mm dual; 40mm Quad Bofors; Toolbox; Hydraulic Gear or Naval Camo. Sorties, major commissions, and dorm food all consume oil. Packing a lot of Firepower for destroyers and blessed with a decent Reload buff to go along the excellent self-heal, Cassin and Downes may not have the monstrous burst damage output of their IJN counterparts but they can and will outlast them many times over while still being able to assist with AA. Events are special challenges that are available for a limited time. Sell by date is NOT the expiration date. The best-case scenario is something like Iris of Light and Dark D-2. Lets say, for example; this Nocturne Event will provide an extra XP boost to these four ships, Jamaica, Graf Spee, Vampire, and Belfast. Basic Attributes. This is for the same reasons that have Langley become more relevant later on; her plane loadout is excellent against surface targets and woefully inadequate at tackling the massed plane swarms of the latest worlds, making her a liability rather than an asset. Upon launching a torpedo spread, 30% chance to launch a second one. What you use when you don't have Wichita but still want a powerful, buff-capable CA. The best way to get decor tokens is to complete the daily missions. If so, youve come to the right place! Azur lane best farming guide . Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. In terms of "hard" resources, oil is the main limiting factor on earning XP. Lectures cannot be started on Sundays, but they can be stared at 23:59 on Saturday allowing up to half of Sunday to be used, so the average XP can be up to 4 457 per hour, or 748 800 per week. High; mainly as a boss fleet tank, since her excellent staying power and average CA damage output are a better fit for those singular long engagaments more than the several shorter ones she'd face in a mob fleet (where self-healers or heals can ensure better vanguard survivability). Gems are the premium currency in Azur Lane and can be used to purchase a variety of items, including powerful ships and exclusive cosmetics such as skins. Where to farm. Step 1: Finish the initial portion of the Operation Siren story campaign to unlock "Ashes Showdown" as well as the ability to use and farm Ashes Coordinates. Privacy Policy. (n.b. Values are rounded to the nearest whole number. You can also try your hand at winning battles. The best way here is doing a 1:1 fleet with a Ranger and a Cassin or Downes with 0LB. You can also get medals from some events. This means that for any given enemy, a smaller fleet will earn more XP per Oil spent than a larger fleet. Backline pressure is relatively low, so pump up those vanguards. Fully afk. None, collection aside. The quintessential Glass Cannon, Chicago is deceptively fragile (being one of the poster girls for 'CAs not necessarily being tanks') and unassumingly devastating due to the maths involved in her skill - if she procs on her first salvo, the buff affects the second one too, meaning that that all in all her actual double damage procrate is 49%! So how do you get wisdom cubes? I might try to make a story bot though That's a timeout issue, did you get a new or epic ship? Medals are a special type of currency in Azur Lane that can be used to purchase items from the Medal Shop. Very high. Missions usually take less than a minute to complete, and you can get a good amount of oil for each one that you finish. . Her DPS only gets better as better gear becomes available to you, but she'll remain very squishy; an excellent and cheap pick regardless, provided you can keep her alive (and you're not lacking in options to do that). You can also purchase them with real money. Feel free to drop us a message in Discord. I think if you play 3-2 enough times to get your fleets to around level 50 or so, you'll have an easier time with 3-3 and 3-4. A perfect place to start for PR grinding is to start collecting the best ships for the job. This will be explored in later sections. Also, China Wall Tier S????? The magic with 7-2 are the ? Visitor Dyed In Red (War Archives event); A-1, A-2, A-3. 8-4. Notable for being very efficient overall due to only requiring 4 mob fights and can drop Maya, but requires ships with good levels. Just put three of the royal navy vanguard if youre farming for someone, and dont trade them out for someone that doesnt match. This works out to a rate of 90 XP per oil. Then the Vanguard categories are going to be destroyers, light cruisers, and heavy cruisers. PR Farm - XP Calculator; Sheet8; Copy of PR Farm - XP Calculator; Alt Copy of XP Calculator ; Copy of Alt Copy of XP Calculator ; Level 125 Stats Sheet as you should use her)] 120mm Main Gun single; 610mm quadruple conventional torpedoes; 40mm Quad Bofors; Oxytorp; Oxytorp, [General Purpose] 120mm twin; 533mm quintuple conventional torpedoes; 40mm Quad Bofors; Toolbox; Oxytorp, [Poverty] 120mm twin; 533mm quadruple conventional torpedoes; 20mm Twin Oerlikon; Toolbox; Toolbox. So putting Yuubari with two other sakura empire cruisers, such as Noshiro or Isuzu retrofit, will allow you to get a ton of extra experience because of her cruiser XP gain. To retire a ship, go to the Dock screen and select the ship you want to retire. Where is Indomitable? 2023 GAMESPOT, A FANDOM COMPANY. Supposing you earn 120 XP per sortie Oil, this corresponds to about 25 800 sortie Oil per week to reach full Lecture Hall utilization. 367K views 2 years ago Here's an Azur Lane Guide regarding some good stages to farm for gear and other resources like gold and noteworthy ships! Use her a lot in every normal/hard fight; as long as you don't burn her out; another bonus if your shipgirl is main-fleet flagship; this gives her a ~3x XP boost -- the higher the level of your enemies, the more XP you win. If you dont have a lot of oil, consider farming on the more detailed map that costs less and uses a lower team. The "auto_fighter" script is not supposed to be an afk solution. Why is nelson a whole tier below rodney when they are effectively identical? Second, the Dorm increases Morale recovery for shipgirls, and allows them to rise above 120 Morale, up to 150 Morale. 1: General Equipment Recommendation: 2019/6/30: Ship Equipment Recommendations are HYPERLINKED in ship names. oil to gold ratio is pretty high about 1:5. All exp values used are sourced from the Azur Lane wiki. I was know 7-2 is the most common place for farming coins, but I think 1-1 or 2-1 can be equally efficient for coins. The port has a chance to give you a blueprint as a login reward every day, and also from certain quests. The ship that gets the MVP award will get double the XP, and since you get double the XP on the ship that you are using for PR grind, that is four vanguards worth of XP for three ships. These usually give out a few hundred gems as prizes, so theyre definitely worth checking out. Referring Friends: Another way to get gems is by referring friends to the game. However, more challenging enemies give more experience. 1.1 Story Maps; 1.2 War Archives; 2 All Ship Drops by Map; Drop-Only Ships by Map Story Maps. Note that unlike sorties proper, Exercise XP is not affected by morale. For more information, please see our There are two reasons why farming for backline PR ships is so much easier than vanguards. This will help speed up your PR grinding. The main story is always a solid choice for earning XP. I will continue working on it and add more supported grids and features to it. Achievements: The first is by completing achievements. Even on a deep discount, the price of equipment boxes is still too steep given their rng nature. As long as they have high morale, they will individually get a 1.2 times multiplier for their regular XP battle. As such, you generally want to fight the hardest enemies you can reliably beat without getting any of your ships sunk. Notable for being easy and doable with low level ships, only requires 3 mob fights to spawn the boss, and can drop Akagi/Kaga. Total exp/run (before S rank/dorm bonus): 3033, Total exp/run (after S rank/dorm bonus): 4368, Exp/battle (after S rank/dorm bonus): 728. Notable for being very efficient overall due to only requiring 4 mob fights and can drop Maya, but requires ships with good levels. As such, if you want to earn lots of XP, you should maximize the amount of that you earn: If you play actively, combat will be the largest source of XP for ships. Consider how much oil you have to consider what map you should be farming. Grant +15% Torpedo to the entire vanguard. You all asked me to deliver the new numbers for the best ways to farm gold/coins, experience, and/or. T1-T3. As one of the extremely rare sources of vanguard-wide torpedo buffs she is one of the best friends your Torp-Cruisers (and Torp-CA especially, Ibuki in primis) could possibly have, and she's a very accomplished torpedo platform herself; just don't expect her to destroy anything while the torps are down. Scan this QR code to download the app now. Her Kai is more of a slight upgrade than a massive change, with her skill being middling at best, but the extra stats are appreciated nonetheless. Common and uncommon ships will give you very few medals, so its not worth retiring them unless you need the space in your dock or simply dont want to have them. You get rewarded with merit for participation. Some oil-efficient characters would be Comet and Amazon. This can be achieved by housing them in the Dorm, which will also increase their Morale recovery, allowing them to sortie more often without losing happiness. Ships with low/no LBs recommended to save oil. Apologies in advance for the formatting nightmare, it's a bit of a dry read. Thatcher. Your first proper BBarrager, Pennsylvania has an okay statline and very nice barrage for both mobbing and bossing fleets (but preferably mobbing); since said barrage is timed you don't need to worry about giving her a fast gun to proc it often, with the added benefit of it being able to dispatch enemies on its own so you can point the main guns towards something else. Cookie Notice Akagi . [General Purpose] 406MK6 (vs Light) or Prototype Triple 410mm Mounted Gun (vs Medium/Heavy); 128SKC; Twin 40mm Bofors STAAG; Type 1 Shell; SHS Shell, [Poverty] 406MK6; 128SKC; 40mm Quad Bofors; Type 91 Shell; Autoloaders (mobs). Step 2: Use 100 Ashes Coordinates to. Retiring a ship will give you a small amount of oil, and the amount you get is based on the ships rarity. You can also get them as rewards from the gacha and from the daily training and as stage rewards. If you can hang on until her retrofit though, and you should, you get one of the absolute best CAs in the game - consistent, useful and powerful (in this order), London Kai augments any fleet she's in and shreds adds like few others can while enjoying okay survivability. Average exp/mob: 539. Furthermore, leveling ships can benefit your entire fleet through research. Wichita and London Kai exist and are vastly superior. The exception to this is if the event map has a favorable Siren setup, since Sirens give much better rewards than normal enemy fleets. Her poor damage output brings her down in the long run, though, and is usually dropped in favour of more powerful CA. Equipment Plate. Upon Main Gun fire, 30% chance to deal +100% damage; upon destroying an enemy unit, gain 1 stack of +1.5% Acc up to a total of 8 stacks. You can get them as rewards for completing missions. Shouhou. Events will occasionally have a blueprint as a reward for completing it. Like just fucking remove this at this point, this is blatantly wrong, amazing copy of the English Community Tierlist, just as bad as well. High, both as a 0LB bubblewrap for cheap early-game map farming and as a MLB Kai mini-tank for Hardmode locks and later-game map farming. The second example would be Yuubari; she is amazing for farming any PR ship that requires Sakura empire vanguard such as Ibuki, Kawakaze, and Azuma. This has some features which will help you farm the 3-4 grid while doing something else. Would recommend a different level with less mob fights if you don't care for Yuudachi. Lmaoooooo Here are some stages of particular interest: Events are usually farmed more for their currency and/or drops than for pure XP; they tend to give less XP for a given level of actual difficulty. You can get them by completing daily training and events. While this is not very good compared to sorties, especially considering that they do not contribute to Lecture Hall XP, they have the advantage of being a low-effort way of putting XP onto weak shipgirls---combined with the Dorm, a shipgirl can go from level 1 to level 70 in less than four days without fighting a single battle. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I wanted to share my script for the tedious grind for Akagi and Kaga in AzurLane. Azur Lane Wiki 470 pages Explore navigation Gamepedia Sign In Register in: Guides Best Places to Farm View source The following are the best Locations and Dungeons in the World Map of Azur Lane to farm. In this guide, we will teach you how to farm resources quickly and easily. Does the amount of ships in the dorm effect happiness recovery? Sirens and bosses give upwards of +40% XP and can be a nice bonus. When your ship is glowing with happiness, you will see an icon that says Something good is about to happen and a green-colored text that says EXP bonus.. 60% chance every 20s, gain +40% Firepower for 10s. Bit RNG still, but there's nobody cheaper than them in their class. 7-2: Boasting an open layout, fixed boss position, a massive four mystery nodes, and blueprints for one of the best farmable AA guns in the game, this stage is a fantastic farming spot for mid-level players. Getting a S rank will give 1.2 XP compared to an A rank. Certain ships in Azur Lane have abilities that increase the overall experience gain of a particular ship type that you use for PR grinding. My Fav carrier AND waifu! Phoenix offers exceptional healer-free staying power at a bargain and that's relevant throughout the game, although if the going gets tough (or you want to clear faster), you'll want to tag in Minneapolis instead. Exp/boss battle: 711. As you may know, after a battle ends, there will be one ship that will be awarded the MVP for doing the most damage. Azur Lane Tier List for June 2022 Just Updated! If youre running low on oil, then step back and farm a more accessible stage like 7-2, such as a lower-level fleet. I hope this helps you make a decision on what ships you should actually go after. However, it does take the most attention of all sources of XP. So here I rank every ship in the game from awesome to not so awesome . Are you sure you want to create this branch? I cant see the confirm button on your screen, that's why I'm asking. She does remain very cheap, though, and fits snugly in those CL hardmode locks. You can also get tech packs from events and missions. The value of CL secondaries decreases steadily over time as more and more BB with it become available to you, and while a lot of Firepower doesn't really go amiss it's also all these two are offering; there's no shortage of nasty damage dealers out there, and most of them have more to their name than just that. For more information, please see our The best way to farm tech packs is to run the Repeatable Research expedition. While the entries all use the Kai chibi and cover their Kai versions, all of these are worth getting and raising even as a new player. A tag already exists with the provided branch name. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. You ideally want your fleet around 30 oil because it's going to take 900-1000 battles with mvp. They're often overlooked, perhaps because they're grays or perhaps because they're not very flashy, but they put out major league DPS while being the absolute cheapest in their hull class. You can also get blueprints from dismantling ships, but the chance is very low. The second is because of the flagship bonus that I want to talk about. (Kai), [General Purpose] F6F Hellcat; F6F Hellcat; Fairey Firefly; Hydraulic Catapult; Homing Beacon, [Poverty] F4U Corsair; F4U Corsair; Fairey Fulmar; Hydraulic Catapult; Hydraulic Catapult. And the fucking monitors and Uglies are higher If you want to save your money, we recommend waiting for events that offer the furniture or decorations that you want. Construction requires tech packs, as well as construction points (CP). These include things like logging in every day, playing a certain number of battles, commissions or spending a certain amount of time in the game. Total exp/run (before S rank/dorm bonus): 1220, Total exp/run (after S rank/dorm bonus): 1757, Exp/battle (after S rank/dorm bonus): 439. The main exception is the major 10-hour commissions that cost 1 200 Oil and give 18 000 XP per ship. You'll need CP to build most things in Azur Lane. They usually have high rewards, so its worth completing as many as you can. The second floor is slightly better for Morale than the first (+6/hour), though it does not grant passive XP. Download Azur Lane on PC In short, the first thing you need to do is to complete the main story missions and do the missions you completed earlier once again when things become harder. Enjoy! Battles can take longer, but you will earn more oil if you are victorious. You can also get lucky and find chests that contain other valuable items. She won't hit as often as Wichita or as hard as Chicago, but she's cheap, damn hard to kill and consistent. The number of cubes you receive is based on the difficulty of the mission, so its important to choose ones that you know you can complete. High before W12 and Average afterwards. Upon firing the Main Gun, 30% chance to have it deal +100% Damage. After a battle ends, there will be one ship in your fleet that will be awarded the MVP. Every 20s, 30% chance to lower an enemy's Reload by -30% and Damage by -15% for 10s (targets humanoid ships first). Supplies are used in the dorm to level up your characters. All they do is stop fireships well and craterise hard targets; it ain't much, but it's honest work and do you really need more for now? Many Git commands accept both tag and branch names, so creating this branch may cause unexpected behavior. When you want to chill off for lower-level stages if you dont have that much oil, you can use your cheaper fleet, Amazon, Foxhound, and Comet, which are all hms vanguards. Archived post. Efficiency stays 160%. One of the first healers you'll have access too and probably one of the first proper battleships as well; her DD secondary guns will keep your backline safe-ish from incoming fireships and her heal, while unreliable, will keep your vanguard alive and kicking for longer than no heal at all. they are best used in mobbing fleets. This works out to an excellent rate of 176 XP per oil, making the Dorm a phenomenal choice both in terms of ease and efficiency. 3. Retrofitting is a core part of Azur Lane's endgame, and if you want the best fleet possible you will ultimately want to retrofit the best shipgirls whenever possible.The three starting shipgirls (Javelin, Laffey and Z23), make great use of retrofits to really improve on their battle performance; it's not uncommon to see higher-tiered exercises with some of these shipgirls at the forefront . Missions: One way to get oil is by completing missions. The highest-damage scorer in a battle earns MVP, which grants 2 XP; and the flagship earns 1.5 XP. You can also find them in treasure chests or buy them with real money. As it is for Phoenix, they are best used in mobbing fleets. These missions are fairly easy to complete and they give a decent amount of tokens. Your first good bearers of CL secondaries, owing to their high Firepower and Main Gun Efficiency (once partially retrofitted, that is; just DO NOT take the last two nodes). The rest can either be found in boxes or farm on maps. The ones on top are the strongest in the game right now. Then, click on the Retire button and confirm your choice. Harder enemies usually give more XP. The solution to this problem is found in what is termed a grind fleet or farm fleet. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can get your hands on some free gems. Oil is the most important currency in Azur Lane.
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