Weve been working with the school board to secure funding which I hope will take a lot of the burden off Ashe County taxpayers. There was an error processing your request. 2. The school board represents the communitys voice in public education and sets the standard for achievement in the school district. AsheAshe County Board of Commissioners 1.1. Jonathan Jordan: The Ashe County Board of Commissioners should always take a conservative, cautious approach to budgeting. I dont consider it a county responsibility to try a lot of different pilot programs; that is more the job of state government. We have two sons, Kelly Joe who graduated from Ashe Central, and Jared who graduated from Northwest. When I manage other peoples money there is no such thing as fraud, waste or abuse. I have a Master of Science Degree in International Relations from Troy State University, European Campus, Kaiserslautern, Germany, August 1982. Continued problems with drug and alcohol abuse in portions of Ashe County. The planning execution and follow up were always the same, ensuring valid expenditures to reliable vendors, proper receipting and total visibility. racist or sexually-oriented language. It must be dealt with much more conservatively that how it was thrust upon us. This has put an unexpected strain on our public services. We will maintain a local government that is effective, efficient, responsible and accountable. I get it, sometimes we need to raise taxes, but we need to spend money wisely, efficiently, and be accountable for the monies we allocate and hold accountable those who take our taxpayer dollars for work to be started and completed. Who else would know Ashe County and its people better than someone born and raised here? For the past 18 years, Ive worked for Wilkes Community College teaching in the Basic Skill department. I subsequently left the Department of the Army and became the Director of Management and Administration for the Bureau of Indian Affairs: Department of the Interior a job much like a County Commissioner but for members of the 623 Federally recognized tribes of American Indians and Alaska Natives in America. Having to make a choice between multiple worthy projects is one of the hardest parts of being a Commissioner. I dont consider it a county responsibility to try a lot of different pilot programs; that is more the job of state government. Along with that comes differences of opinion. If you forget it, you'll be able to recover it using your email address. Teachers and school staff are working on the front lines with the young people who are going to lead this country in the future, and they should get the support and respect that they deserve. Democratic Elections Commissioner Edward McDonough, left, and Republican Elections Commissioner Jason Schofield, right, speak to poll workers in 2020. I feel we need some common sense in this office. Ashe County has a unique set of attributes that brings many tourists to our county to the amazing amount of over $80 million dollars in the last year. Having a well-trained workforce is the first, and most important, step towards attracting new industry to our county. Jim Cain: I would love to see Ashe County become a tourist destination of choice and not just the place to come buy a Christmas tree each year. I want to work with our school board to insure a strong budget, but also help make sure we spend money on the right things. Victor Ashe. I believe in the Constitution as written, as well a constitutional government. Our county government should continue in making every effort to see this happen. My name is Terry D. Wagoner and I would like to represent you as county commissioner. Every subject should offer them the knowledge that ensures they will be able to succeed after graduation. Success! He makes more an hour starting there than after nine years of driving our children to school. Our goal as commissioners should be a common one: do whatever is necessary to help improve life in Ashe County for each and every citizen. We should fight against unfunded mandates whenever possible. These people love their work and will work hard to get homes and apartments built for our citizens to dwell in because they love their hometown, and they want to contribute to their community. Ashe County, North Carolina, held elections for local offices in 2022. Click the links below to learn more: Click here to use Ballotpedia's sample ballot to find every election that Ballotpedia has on file for your address. = candidate completed the Ballotpedia Candidate Connection survey. The new buildings are now complete and full of students! Jerry Powers: All monies used in government have only recently been some taxpayers money, some donated to a good cause and most taken without the blessing of the contributor. I would just hope that the ones who dont agree would do so respectfully. In delivering services, I would want to review the county functions that assure the basic needs of the citizens are being met such as food, water, warmth, and rest as well as safety and security. Except for a few areas, all county activities are a matter of public record. I will always try to have the answer and if not, I will surely get back with that person with the answer to their concern. WebCommissioners Meet Your Commissioners Our Commissioners are Chairman Todd McNeill, Vice Chair William Sands, Mike Eldreth, Jerry Powers, and Chuck Olive. WebSteven J. Carter. I know we need a safe county, and there I support back the blue. Also, when we think along those lines we need never forget our fire and rescue squads. We want to establish a community center for people on the west side of the county. We will through land use planning, strategic capital investments and change management plans ensure a good and improving quality of life in our communities. Why do you want to be an Ashe CountyCommissioner? Every community deserves attention and support from county government. I am a 2016 graduate of Columbia Southern University at Orange Beach, Alabama receiving a Bachelors/Science Degree in Business Administration and Management. Ashe County has about 26,000 citizens according to the latest census. Occasionally the county can take on projects funded by the state, if the county can commit to funding those programs in the future when state (and possibly federal) funds will inevitably dry up. Dawn Ford is 77. The public is welcome to contact any of the commissioners in regard to the actions that might take place. As of 2021 the median household income was $43,962 and per capita income was $25,282. Error! I am a member of Welcome Baptist Church in Crumpler, North Carolina. As a commissioner, I would seek out every avenue that could be found, to ensure this problem could be addressed. Jerry Powers: All monies that come into Ashe Countys coffers should be used to provide essential services and to reduce the tax burden on our citizens. 1. Second, if the proposal is feasible, how can we find the funds to implement the proposal? I put in my transfer in October of that year and have been here ever since. My children have gone to school here in Ashe for many years it means a lot me. Working and coaching for 35 years often came with criticism so I know not everyone is going to be happy with every decision made. We should also continue to invest in our local healthcare, as I believe one critical service and need our rural area has is to keep a local healthcare provider. 4. Growth comes from creating a career and knowing that one can provide for their family and grow with the company. Continued development of Ashe County as a year-round tourist destination with the businesses and jobs tourism brings.The effects of ongoing climate change to our agricultural business in the County and planning for The New Normal if and when COVID-19 settles down a little. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism I think there are things we can do to incentivize property owners to provide long-term rather than short rentals and come up with ways to rehab and use abandoned houses. By Nathan Ham The county has the industrial park and has purchased more land to have site-ready locations for economic development. Don't Threaten. I also believe we need a Strategic Plan and I will work with all the stakeholders to create that plan. 3. We cant satisfy ourselves with just reacting to things. High-paying jobs for our citizens is the only answer. Transparency and accountability are necessary for building trust and for creating a safe environment for everyone to express their opinions and exercise their rights. Be Nice. The website and live streaming of the commissioner meetings are an important way to review what is happening. WebSee your ballot, research candidates and referendums, and vote informed I believe that I have the skills, experience, and willingness to listen and work together with my fellow citizens in protecting and advancing Ashe County as an incredible place to live, work and play. May 2: Restaurant owner Randy Burleson is 57. Beth Sorrell: Again, we have to listen to the people which means we need to find better ways to engage the community in that decision-making. Be Proactive. I look ahead at what the results of the spending may be. Ballotpedia provides Our nation deserves better than this and it starts at the local level. If it is something that needs to be corrected or clarified, I would certainly do that. William Sands: I believe that money coming into the county from tourism should be used in assisting small businesses and to make improvements and/or create the things that draw tourist and their money. 5. I appreciate his leadership. Look at requirements for lot size for building, what restrictions are on the manufactured homes, multi-family (duplex) homes, and apartment buildings. It is not the school systems job. Everything the government does needs to be public knowledge unless for sensitive reasons, otherwise it would seem that an official or those officials have something to hide. The hourly wage and monthly income for a home in Ashe County these days is most unattainable by the average citizen in Ashe. 2. How would you encourage employment and economic development in Ashe County? WebCounty: Appling Atkinson Bacon Baker Baldwin Banks Barrow Bartow Ben Hill Berrien Bibb Bleckley Brantley Brooks Bryan Bulloch Burke Butts Calhoun Camden Candler Carroll Catoosa Charlton Chatham Chattahoochee Chattooga Cherokee Clarke Clay Clayton Clinch Cobb Coffee Colquitt Columbia Cook Coweta Crawford Crisp Dade Dawson Decatur DeKalb It is their will that put you there, so why not be up front and give the good with the bad when they ask you a question. I served eight years in Raleigh representing our area in the State House, where I was a strong advocate for all our citizens. The primary duty of County Commissioners is approving a budget that spends your tax dollars wisely with a focus on helping our citizens fulfill their basic needs of affordable housing, food, and healthcare, in addition to education and recreation. The Commissioners, the Board of Education, and all other agencies of Ashe need to work together for the good of all Ashe County students. 5. Right now the waiting lists for our few childcare centers are years long. While everything increases in price through inflation Housing prices and availability needs some additional study and help. We have too many that go without that we could help if we as a county get involved. I would hope to strengthen our relationship with state government and continue to obtain our fair share of state tax revenues. WebElected Officials Hardin County Election Commission Elected Officials Hardin County, TN Elected Officials Misc. I studied anthropology and sustainable agriculture, which led me to serve in the Peace Corps in East Africa. I served as a county commissioner here 26 to 30 years ago and as my life is hopefully going to slow down some, I think with experience as a past commissioner and my knowledge of the unique characteristics of Ashe County, I can still be of service to my county. Failure to change puts us farther behind. patrick mcenroe children,
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