spouse (marriage certificate must be made available upon request); unmarried dependent children under age 26 for Medical coverage; Dental coverage may continue up to age 19 (or 26 if a full-time student); and. You also can watch presentations on the Benefits Gateway or on the HealthEquity website (healthequity.com). Employer ContributionEven if you dont contribute, your employer may make a discretionary contribution if you complete 1,000 hours of service in a calendar year. Please enable scripts and reload this page. If your doctor prescribes a drug that is not on the Preferred Drug List, ask if another drug, such as a generic equivalent or therapeutic alternative, can be used to treat your condition. They do not include all of the terms, coverage, exclusions, limitations, and conditions of the actual contract language. handbook@la-archdiocese.org Extended Medical CoverageYou may enroll your adult child for individual coverage and extend his/her medical coverage from age 26 until age 30 if your child is: unmarried and under age 30 with no dependents of his or her own; a Pennsylvania resident (may be a full-time college student elsewhere); and not enrolled in any other health coverage, whether individual, group, or government provided, including Medicare. Benefits also will be paid at the lower level if you use a provider without a PCP referral, even a provider in the Keystone POS/HMO network. And because ibxpress.com uses the strongest encryption methods available, you can rest assured that your personal information is secure. Or, you can simply accept the Automatic Enrollment of a 3% paycheck deduction with a 1% deferral increase each year until your personal contribution reaches 6% of pay, slowly over a three year period. You can learn more at AmericanHeritageCU.org/Archdiocese. Bilbilaa 513-421-3131. You do not need prior authorization from Keystone Health Plan East or from any other person (including a PCP) to obtain access to obstetrical or gynecological care from a Keystone POS/HMO network healthcare professional who specializes in obstetrics or gynecology. Download the IBX Mobile App for your iPhone or Android! chosen to refuse must be kept in the employee's medical file.Many STD coverage is portablethat means you can continue coverage if you leave your employer by paying premiums directly to Unum. You have the right to designate any PCP who participates in the Keystone POS/HMO network and is available to accept you or your family members. You may be asked to contribute toward the cost of Medical coverage for you and your dependents. 513-421-3131. The IRS sets a maximum contribution for each calendar year. Eligibility for HSA ContributionsYou and your employer can contribute to an HSA only if your only medical coverage is a high deductible health plan (HDHP), such as Personal Choice HDHP, you are NOT enrolled in any part of Medicaid, Medicare, or VA benefits, you are a U.S. citizen or resident alien at least age 18 with a valid U.S. address and Social Security number, and you are not claimed as a dependent on anyone elses tax return. 242 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<6FC827DB833CC146B6381BACB50946D5><47B81CCF3855EB4E9D623D3E6AFC59D0>]/Index[224 38]/Info 223 0 R/Length 90/Prev 53377/Root 225 0 R/Size 262/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream written waiver indicating each benefit the employee has voluntarily Benefits will continue for the duration of your disability for up to a maximum of three months. The 2023-2024 plan year medical/prescription premium for family coverage is $1,896 per month. You can add pre-tax contributions. Note: Benefits will not be paid if loss of life is the result of suicide within the first two years of coverage. Activate your account now so you will be ready to chat with a doctor when you need one. Through his Spirit, the Lord Jesus lives in those who believe, and reaches into our world with his saving message and healing love. 5. The Archdiocese also sponsors a retirement plan for archdiocesan priests that provides a monthly income to them in their retirement years. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati offers continuation coverage to employees and their covered dependents who lose coverage under the Plan as a result of their involuntary termination of employment. Click Continue and follow the easy steps from there. Teachers who are employed by Athenaeum of Ohio and teach 9+ semester hours per year. Your Benefit Coordinator can tell you if this coverage is available at your location. Below is the information to navigate your benefit enrollment experience: Read the Benefits Guide for an overview of the options available to benefits-eligible employees. Medical Benefits: Two Plans Two Networks. 261 0 obj <>stream Earn an extra $200** by setting up a direct deposit of $500 or more per month and use your debit card 25 times or more within the first three months. ENROLLING IS EASY! Administrative responsibilities for policies, procedures and activities relating to all phases of human resources, Dennis Miller IMPORTANT FOR THE KEYSTONE POS OPTION: Benefits will be paid at the lower Self-Referred level if you do not choose a PCP. 973-497-4125 For the Personal Choice HDHP and Personal Choice PPO plans, this is true even if you use a provider or facility that participates in the BlueCard PPO program. Your well-being is important. Every day, you contribute to the continued success of the mission of the Church. hb```f`` c @V8S";*@| jYH X$@lCx~MZ2myclV 4#l&i&[`q p^ If available at your location, you may elect term life insurance, AD&D insurance, or whole life insurance. Proof of good health is required if: If available at your location, you may buy Voluntary AD&D coverage for yourself from $10,000 to $300,000. Maria.Joyner@rcan.org Take time to think about the futurewhether thats next year or 30 years from now. 777 Forest Street, Saint Paul, MN 55106 Fill in a ticket below to be entered into the open enrollment raffle! dol.gov or call 1.866.444.EBSA (3272). For details, see IRS Publication 502 at irs.gov. The cost is based on your age as of July 1 and the amount of coverage. The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data. The Archdiocese of Baltimore and Catholic Charities offer a comprehensive benefits package to benefit eligible employees. The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data. Eligible dependents of employees include: A spouse Dependent children, up to age 26, regardless of student status This coverage may pay benefits if you die while you are enrolled and eligible for the plan (the term of the coverage). This will affect your total cost. If you have questions for Catholic Charities, please use the following contact information. If available at your location, you may buy coverage for yourself in $10,000 increments up to $500,000. Depending on your location, you may have the option to elect additional voluntary benefits. This is called a special enrollment opportunity, and you must request coverage within 60 days of being determined eligible for premium assistance. The hardest part of my job was the pay. 2023 ARCHDIOCESE OF BALTIMORE, ALL RIGHT RESERVED, Charity In Truth: The Blog of Archbishop William E. Lori, The Joy of Believing: A Practical Guide To The Catholic Faith, 2022 School Policy Manual (Updated February 2022), Cigna High Deductible Health Plan Benefits Summary, United Concordia Dental HMO Schedule of Benefits and Certificate of Coverage, Archbishop Loris Pastoral Letters and Reflections, Archbishop Loris Homily: Easter Sunday 2023, Archdiocese of Baltimore employees complete the enrollment form found under Benefit Documents and email it to your, Central Services employees complete the enrollment form and email it to the. This section of the Employee Benefits website is intended to be a summary of the eligibility provisions outlined in the Summary Document. For the first three years of disability, you must be under the care of a licensed physician and completely unable to do your regular job. The employee may be subject to a surcharge of $1,123 for this additional cost. Employees have 30 days from their date of hire, qualified life event, or change in status to enroll or make changes. 403(b) Retirement Plan Plan to Retire Well. For eligible employees, the parish/school location pays $773 and the employee's portion of the premium is $40 per month. Affidavit letters need to be downloaded by an employee requesting family coverage under the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Health Care Plan. If you have specific questions, contact Member Services at 1.800.ASK.BLUE (275.2583). Pre-certification review is designed to ensure that all the services you receive are medically necessary, appropriate, and cost-effective. If you become disabled, the benefits you receive are not taxable. Eligibility for the Medical, Dental and FSA Plans, Eligibility for Life, AD&D and Long-Term Disability Insurance. Dennis.Miller@rcan.org Before you enroll or change your elections, we encourage you to review the information on the available health benefits plans and learn what each plan offers. Three of the Medical options include Davis Vision coverage. This section reviews who is eligible and how to enroll. Under IRS rules, benefits that you pay for with pre-tax contributions (Medical, Dental, Freestanding Vision, Voluntary Life Insurance coverage for you, and Voluntary AD&D) stay in effect for the full Plan Year (7/1-6/30), unless you have a change in status (Qualified Life Event) and request the change within 30 days (60 days for CHIP). life and accidental death and dismemberment, 5.7.5 - Life/Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, 5.7.10 - Unemployment and State Disability Insurance, Administrator Employment Agreement - High School, High School Faculty Agreement Summer School, Non-Teaching High School Staff Compensation. The credit union has more than 37 branch locations across Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Camden Counties. Associate Director of Pensions Medication can be prescribed if indicated. (Spanish), 403(b): Easy Access to Your Account (Spanish), 403(b): Understanding How It All Works (Spanish), 403(b): Tips for Investing Success (Spanish), Find a Doctor - Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, More than 1,200 Come to the Table with CCF of Minnesota. You can view the sites selected by your PCP at www.ibx.com/archdiocese. Disability coverage protects your income when illness or injury prevents you from working. Short-Term Disability (STD) coverage provided by Unum may be available for active employees between the ages of 17 and 69. . The policies This Plan is an important benefit intended to help employees in their retirement years as a supplement to their personal retirement savings, Social Security benefits, the frozen Archdiocese of Cincinnati Pension Plan for Lay Employees and the terminated Archdiocese of Cincinnati 403(b) Plan. Fiscal Accountability; Fiscal Accountability; Our Bishops; Catholic Charities; Chancery; Child and Youth Protection; Marriage Tribunal; Missions; Communications & Media; Offices; Catholic Review; Real Estate Properties; Parishes. To be eligible, you must have been covered by the Plan at the time of your termination of employment and your termination must not have been on account of gross misconduct. For information on any of the other benefits offered, please contact 617-746-5640 or [emailprotected], Carol Gustavson Review your current benefits and coverage levels: what make the most sense for youand your family? You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Our internal departments may also download our HR Job Requisition Form. Your ContributionsYou may add pre-tax contributions to your HSA through payroll deductions. You may change your PCP at any time by calling the Member Services number on your ID card or online at www.ibx.com/archdiocese. 2022, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. Two additional voluntary coverages may be available depending on your location: For more information, see Voluntary Protection Benefits section of this page To enroll, call TriBen at 1.888.264.2147, Option 8. document.write( new Date().getFullYear() ); With healthcare costs escalating year after year, the Archdiocese strives to provide the best possible coverage at affordable prices. Each member of your family can choose a different PCP, and you may choose a pediatrician for your children. Office: 617-746-5830 The pre-certification requirements for each option vary. This link leads to the machine readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. Rufnummer: 513-421-3131: . The plan allows coverage for your legal opposite-sex spouse and/or your child(ren) (biological,adopted, step or foster) from birth to the end of the month that your child attains age 26.
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