Our little class would meet once every two weeks over the dinner hour. In all, the pair conducted more than 80 interviews, which spawned the creation of their website, Generation Pandemic, an oral history archive that they hope to expand and eventually turn into a podcast series. A jar of marmalade was lost. We wanted to cover individual stories that could illustrate particular experiences from this year that we thought could be lost during a time of rapid change. We loved transcribing these interviews and editing down these stories. Its the reason that people end up saying later that disruptions like a pandemic can invite growth and enable possibilities that wouldnt have existed otherwise.. Life was all neon and Fling parties were on campus. Reading the testimonies you immediately see the array, the range of people that theyve been able to meet, and how Max and Alan have allowed them to tell their own stories, which I really, really admire.. J.M. And check out their powerful, sweet and hilarious mix of post-pandemic wishes. In all, the Penn seniors conducted more than 80 interviews, some in Spanish. RELATED: 10-year Philly project explores the power of empathetic listening. A lot of granola bars. They want to revisit people they interviewed and look for new subjects in other towns and cities. Ten years later, these boys gifted the author and her 2022 Green Monster roommates the same shirts; Green Monsters at their graduation in 2012. Her job went remote, she realized I can take my entire life and move somewhere else. Penn's Creative Writing Program will host an honors thesis reading event on April 27 to celebrate the graduating seniors in the 2022 honors program. He also authored the 2011 New York Times bestseller and National Book Critics Circle Award finalist Hemingways Boat: Everything He Loved in Life, and Lost, and in 2003, won the National Book Critics Circle Award for Sons of Mississippi: A Story of Race and Its Legacy. AJ: It got me so excited to do more of this stuff. Strickberger is an English major with a concentration in creative writing and Jinich a neuroscience major and English minor. I loved being able to ask and get to a place of intimacy with someone else, Strickberger said. Carrots and hummus. So we wanted to learn about it from an academic perspective to prepare, Strickberger says. Cloutier sees many possibilities. At first glance, his face reminds me of my younger brothers. Penn After Midnight By Alan Jinich, C'22. We wanted something tactile, something more physical in that way. Contest judge: Rachel Zolf. So when they come outside they just wanna let go of all that. No one would talk with them, but then a grocery store manager agreed to help and went up and down the aisles asking people their ages, introducing them. October 12, 2021 Professor Nancy Bentley was interviewed about her work on kinship by the editor of Transatlantica, a Paris-based journal of American studies Once we sat down, the interview went on for hours. AJ: A lot of cheese sandwiches for Max. When Nasir raises his voice, the line stands on its tiptoes and turns to the front like a pack of meerkats. So that was kind of the opposite of movement, it was really constrictive. Soon they were invited to the high school prom. They interviewed Makayla, a 23-year-old single mom who lamented the difficulty of working with no raise for several years in a store where mask rules werent enforced. He began journalistic and media work in high school, where a photograph he took won the Gold Medal in the national Scholastic Art & Writing competition, and came in second place in the DC Congressional Art Competition in photography, which earned him a scholarship to the George Washington University pre-college photojournalism summer program. And of course theyre going on the roadthey seek actual encounters., Strickberger and Jinich had taken a creative writing course, Extreme Noticing, taught by Apple, who suggested they read Eli Saslows column Voices from the Pandemic in The Washington Post. In Circleville, Utah, they faced two particularly skeptical subjects who were cousins. RELATED: New film captures a Philly familys struggle with opioid addiction. And Max really pushed me because he was the one who really had the guts in the beginning to go up to people and approach strangers. He's also interested in GIS Mapping and quantitative image analysis. They traveled the country seeking the stories of a diverse range of people, 18 to 25 years old, to create an . Buy Volunteers Tickets. Penn Students Travel Cross-Country to Collect Pandemic Stories. Students engaged closely with Hendrickson on topics until they landed on one that really resonated. Cloutier says even though the project focused on a particular generation, stories like Sharons make the archive a much wider and richer portrait of the American scene right now, glimpsing the experiences of other generations, he says. Peiss says she chose readings to help them think about how to position themselves as interviewers, how to relate to new people and places, and how to deal with their own assumptions. And that wasnt just like a class piece; it was very much an age-related commentary on whats going on now. Wake up one day and were driving 10 hours, Strickberger says. Allow us to introduce Ruthie Henri, South Jerseys queen of barbecue. We moved into the Monster in August 2020, height of the pandemic. We didnt want to be home, we didnt see as much value to what wed always loved about school, and there was stuff thats so much bigger going on in the world. In high school, he started a magazine, InLight, to allow those in marginalized communities to tell their stories. School of Arts & SciencesUniversity of Pennsylvania3600 Market Street, Suite 300Philadelphia, PA 19104-3284Phone: 215-746-1232Fax: 215-573-2096Email: omnia-penn@sas.upenn.edu, 2023 Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania School of Arts & Sciences, Seven Things to Know About "The Waste Land" at 100, Celebrating the Pastand Planning for the Future. I just felt like I was wasting something that I previously loved so much, Strickberger said. They spoke with a few skeptical construction workers on Main Street and decided to move on to the next town, but then they passed a sign for a dairy farm. You need to be a subscriber to read these stories. [She laughs]. We wanted the peoples stories to speak for themselves.. They share some of the stories, photos and audio interviews on their website, Generation Pandemic, an oral history archive that they hope to expand and eventually turn into a podcast series. The schools performing arts program includes theater, dance, and music. Alan is a multimedia journalist based in Philadelphia. Although we did hope that we would create some type of archive. Jinich opened the trunk to finish packing and some food came pouring out. Wow, this project could be over before this project begins, Strickberger thought. I see some tendrils of Kerouac and the Beat Generation in Max and Alans project, Cloutier says. The first big test was in Greensboro, Alabama, a town of about 2,500. Throwing your hands in the air, losing yourself in a moment, the music. Tennessee football's 2023 NFL draft picks: Round 1 (No. We knew when we started the road trip that we wanted to do these interviews and just talk to people our age. There are times where I look good and I feel good. So I started speaking to him in Spanish and we just bonded as Mexicans. They pledge to get a drink soon in Manhattan. One of their next stops was Greensboro, a small city in Alabama. Georgetown Day School is a coed, preK-12, non-sectarian private school in Washington, DC with small class sizes and a diverse school community. Do you think Penn feels like Philly? I ask. Jessica Blatt Press: When you set out on this road trip, what was your goaldid you two have a hypothesis about what youd find, or what were you seeking? AJ: We saw different sides of each other. Patience and perseverance combined with chance and a little luck as they stopped in Circleville, Utah. During the summer they edited the narratives and photos, working with Penn alum Daniel Fradin to build their website. They traveled the country seeking the stories of a diverse range of people, 18 to 25 years old, to create an archive of the pandemic experience. What are we doing? Strickberger thought. Crisscrossed 23 states and 7,300 miles, photographed and conducted 80+ oral histories. We ended up going the more broad route. And Im a big history guy. It had the most amazing weather. In 2021, he took a leave from Penn, during which he worked on the PBS primetime docu-series La Frontera as a photographer, and began driving across the country with his roommate, writer Max Strickberger, to interview young people about how they felt about the pandemic and the future. And we ended up meeting these guys, Jade and Tyler and Scott Dalton, who are brothers and cousins. They used a demographic GIS map, Social Explorer, to determine a route with geographic and socioeconomic diversity, down through the Deep South, out west through the Rockies, and back through the Midwest. Maybe even a novel based on these experiences? Theres a line on 39th. And that ended up being a really meaningful part, seeing young people writing while envisioning what life would be like after the pandemic., Peiss says this type of first-person archive is important for historians. No one gets in unless they comply. Fingers scramble through purses and wallets in search of drivers licenses, foreign passports, spare cash. I came to Penn after spending a gap year studying Jewish Diaspora history abroad. Sign up for our newsletter. The women talk fast, talk over each other, laugh loudly, and go on long tangents that take us far away from the house. And I think people felt some degree of freedom in being young, and they recognized from an empathetic perspective that not everyone has this and were really lucky that we do. Humanities, & SocialSciences, Education, It probably was more worthwhile dont tell Penn than a semester online, said Deborah Miller, Strickbergers mother, a former television producer. However, Miller said it didnt take long for her son and Jinich to change her mind. I cant just pull up on my cousins.. For some people, the pandemic reinforced being in a place that wasnt really safe or secure for you and you couldnt leave home. 2023 Penn Today, University of Pennsylvania, Senior Max Strickberger, co-creator of Generation Pandemic, Senior Alan Jinich, co-creator of Generation Pandemic, The pandemic, health inequities, and an opportunity for change, What the U.S. economy will look like after the pandemic, English professor J.C. Cloutiers latest book sheds new light on African American literature, Studying novels with novelist Jennifer Egan, A sensational Hey Day for the Class of 2024, Green solutions are transforming a West Philadelphia grade school, Arts, Humanities, The Asian American Studies Program will welcome three new core faculty members next year, expanding the range of topics and classes the program offers. A framed black-and-white portrait of a young couple kissing on a train hanging on the wall to the right of her desk: spontaneity within limits. So trying to introduce some humor into the situation helped. We looked at each other like Ok, this project could be over before it even started. We didnt really know what we were going to find and what would come out of it. And what you can do about it. But during the pandemic, she had to be home, and home for her meant a really tight trailer. By the end of the day, we had gotten rejected from every single business in Chinatown. He takes his job seriouslysafeguarding The Scroll and carrying it with him through medical school, through various moves, through travels. Department of English University of Pennsylvania Fisher-Bennett Hall, room 127 3340 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA, 19104-6273 Phone: (215) 898-7341 Sriracha. It felt like it had more weight to it, and felt like an accomplishment.. It appears time will expire on the tenure of Scott Petri as executive director of the Philadelphia Parking Authority today. In the more immediate future, Jinich and Strickberger already have summer plans. Generation Pandemic, an oral history archive undertaken by Penn English major Max Strickberger and Penn English minor Alan Jinich, featured in Penn Today. It was toward the end of their 7,300-mile journey across 23 states, on a quest to interview young adults about how the pandemic has changed their lives, when the two University of Pennsylvania students were faced with a decision: Should they go to the high school prom in Circleville, Utah? Applauding: Abbott Elementary, the hit ABC comedy created by West Philly native Quinta Brunson, is delivering real-life resources to her old elementary school. When there was no longer space in the world for us, we had to make our mark somehow. Enlisting his friend and roommate, disillusioned Penn English major Max Strickberger, the two took off their spring semester, loaded up Jinichs moms SUV with food and supplies, and embarked on a six-week, 7,300-mile journey across the country, interviewing a diverse group of young people about the impact of the pandemic on their lives. Though Strickberger and Jinich werent officially enrolled that semester, Penn professors lent a hand with the off-the-books project, including American history professor Kathy Peiss, who designed an eight-week syllabus and met weekly with them before they hit the road. Thats what I have for you this week. Collectively, this power couple had an eye on West Phillys well-being for more than 50 years. Penn Parking Services: The Parking Office closes December 24 at 5 p.m. and reopens January 4 at 8:30 a.m. We were looking for different kinds of places, big cities, tiny towns, places with racial, ethnic, political, religious diversity, Jinich says. He experienced a lot of bad things this year related to custody of his child and not being able to stay physically fit in the way that he wouldve liked to. It really was a work of discovery, and of connecting to people who are in their own age group but who have lived very different lives than they have. The Scroll comes first. Gallery. [Hendrickson] has a rare gift for finding beauty and significance in everything. There arent neat quotes that show me who these women were when they lived in my house as much as there are actions. I love tradition. March 28, 2022. And he put the entire website together, which is so meaningful, to have what we did in one place. Jazz or folk would be playing in the background, the five of us nestled into plush chairs in the faculty lounge of the English building. For questions about membership or to opt out, please email [emailprotected]. Funeral services were held yesterday for TJ Siderio, the 12-year-old South Philly boy shot in the back by police. He also balanced creative writing and longform nonfiction classes with his studies in neuroscience including his work at the Cullen Lab at Penn researching brain cell histology and traumatic brain injury. They took COVID-19 tests to protect others, especially when they visited Navajo Nation, which was particularly hard hit by the pandemic. Alan Jinich couldnt do it anymore: Sit at a desk in his rented residence, taking his University of Pennsylvania classes online. It probably was more worthwhile dont tell Penn than a semester online, said Deborah Miller, Strickbergers mother, a former television producer. Five former Vols were selected in the 2023 NFL draft. Ben Simmons return to the Wells Fargo Center overshadowed the anniversary of when Sixer Allen Iverson did this and put his game on the NBA map. So theyre definitely extremes in both ways. Rodin security guard? It felt really good when we could get people to speak with us, because every time we got to a new town, it was just like: restart, Strickberger says. During the spring of 2021, Alan Jinich and Max Strickberger conducted over 80 interviews with 18-25 year olds, meeting people across 16 states and . JBP: What was your sustenance on the road? & SocialSciences, Arts, Would I follow the quiet moments of students walking home from Smokes? We have what you need to know ahead of the return of the annual St. Patricks Day parade this Sunday. She got us interested in this topic of futurity, looking down the road, he says. Both Strickberger, 23, and Jinich, 22, got vaccinated before they left but they were heading to states where masking and vaccination were not prevalent. I felt like I was living in history and I wanted the chance to capture any part of it or play a more meaningful role in what history was like for me and for people of our age, Strickberger says. His final Spring Fling in 2012, the Green Monsters had hosted their annual pre-game brunch and kept a running tally of how many times Carly Rae Jepsens Call Me Maybe played. Having that bar between me and the guest gives me more confidence. Nasir poses in front of the West & Down nightclub, where he used to be a bouncer. Jays parents then invited them to Sunday lunch. 2400 Market Street Offsite Suite 269 Philadelphia, PA 19103. This is already such a precarious time in our lives, now exacerbated by the pandemic, and we wanted to capture a segment of what that would be like for other Americans our age, Strickberger says. Generation Pandemic, an oral history archive undertaken by Penn English major Max Strickberger and Penn English . Since Strickberger was a child, he loved stories and always asked his mom to read him another. and student profiles, research updates, and the latest happenings on campus. There is a theory in the field of developmental psychology, popularized by . For Strickberger, the experience confirmed that he would like to write stories that drive change, but he also wants to be involved in taking action that leads to that change, such as creating affordable housing. And some of those stories were some of the best ones that we got. Style has since lost a lot of its color and the parties have moved to clubs downtown. His crossover of NBA legend Michael Jordan. One of the most powerful interviews was with Sharon, a young woman in Santa Fe who came back to live with her mother and older brother and his baby during the pandemic, struggling to help them while trying to keep up with college classes. By signing up for The Philadelphia Citizen newsletter: All memberships to The Philadelphia Citizen are renewed annually. And they were super down to chat, they were interested in why we were in Circleville and we got to talking, but when we told them Oh were interested in doing these interviews for this project, they were way more skeptical. And I think being rejected was inherent to the project and got us much more comfortable with it. The result is Generation Pandemic, a stunning online archive of oral histories and photographs that screams to be turned into a National Geographic spread, a Discovery Channel documentary, the foundation for an updated take on Arnetts theories. We will never give or sell your information to a third party outside of this partner program. Click hereto read Lily Steins The Immortal Life of the Green Monster in full. He pulls out a tattered green folder. Round 3 (No. Browse more than 80 pandemic vignettes from 18-25-year-olds across the country. MS: Too much music, and too few Audible books. Jinich, a photographer, says he wanted to pursue a long-term, creative project, and get out of the bubble of reading everything through his phone screen. With support from grants and the Netter Center, the Andrew Hamilton School in Cobbs Creek is now home to a food forest and a thriving garden, providing healthy produce, green space, stormwater management, and educational opportunities. JBP: Max, youre an English major, and Alan, youre a neuroscience major. It was a new world to us, this world of oral history and journalism. MS: I think it also helped to just point out that it was a weird situation. The state-controlled parking authority has had notable financial turbulence in recent months, perhaps the two biggest being: Airport officials taking the power from the PPA over control of its long- and short-term parking, a contract the PPA managed for nearly 50 years, and. . Hendrickson, Senior Lecturer in the Department of English, is a veteran author and journalist. All together. And now, anytime that song plays, I feel like Im getting up early in the middle of Alabama, and we have to drive. So I come to a club with a whole bunch of college kids who are fresh outta their parents cribs, have had zero time to rectify all the trauma that theyve been through, and theyre trying to figure out how to be an adult, pay for college. Round 3 (No. During the spring of 2021, ALAN JINICH by MAX STRICKBERGER conducted over 80 interviews with 18-25 year olds, meeting people across 16 states and 7,300 miles. Take a guess and find The Answer here. Along the way, they met Fernando, 21, who fell on hard times when his Chicago fruit stand was shut down, until he found another business: traveling to Mexico to buy puppies and re-selling them in the United States for a profit. So we would kind of switch. Alan is very, very steady. They went into every shop on Main Street, but couldnt find anyone their age to interview. Max Strickberger: When we started the trip, we had been inside the same four walls with each other and wed felt that there was so much going on in the world but we were just reading about it on our phones. It makes them morally and ethically accountable to their subjectsthat is, they are not just swinging by for one or two interviews, but they are building up a relationship built on trust: their trust of the subject, the subjects trust of them. We agree toonly ever use your information to send you Citizen news, updates, and offers. Waking up in that type of environment I thought how could you ever be sad? She spoke with us about being treated like a pariah, about how rumors were spreading about her family and herself in this small town, Strickberger says. But we carried in our many suitcases, second-hand furniture, and cardboard boxes with an appreciation greater than the run-down house probably warranted. Im in the middle of the dance floor and well aware that everyone is looking at me. They had a tentative itinerary. Amber sits behind the front desk in Harrison. He is the author of numerous books, the . Todays question: What was Iversons moment? We are excited to share the press release below: Jinich is a Penn Senior majoring in Neuroscience and English, who worked in a variety of labs as well as in several editorial settings, as writer, photographer and designer at Penn Appetit and as a production assistant and photographer for the James Beard-award-winning PBS show Patis Mexican Table. In 2021, he and a classmate took a leave from Penn to spend six months driving cross-country, interviewing more than 80 young adults in cities large and small, and creating the fascinating online Generation Pandemic Project, a portion of which was recently published in the Washington Post, and featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer and on NPRs Radio Times and Smart Talk. Like I cant get a cheesesteak around the corner. Towards the end we were able to say Weve spoken with 70 people and weve traveled to 20 states and wed love to include you. It felt like it had more weight to it, and felt like an accomplishment. I was completely undecided about my major, but knew I wanted to do research. RELATED: New book spotlights tattooed Philly women sharing stories of trauma. I return to Harrison a few weeks later. Jean-Christophe Cloutier is an associate professor of English and Comparative Literature and Undergraduate Chair of Penns English Department in the School of Arts & Sciences. We kept talking for 10, 20, 30 minutes, they showed us around their garage and stuff, and then eventually we told them What were doing now? GDS alum Alan Jinich '17 has won the 2022 Nora Magid Mentorship Prize along with Penn classmate Beatrice Forman. 2023 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104, Stay Connected with Updates from Perry World House, Return to Borders and Boundaries Project Personnel, Visiting Fellows and Visiting Scholars Programs, Apply to Become or Nominate a Visiting Fellow or Visiting Scholar, Borders and Boundaries Postdoctoral Fellowships, Global Innovation Program Postdoctoral Fellowships, Penn Identity & Conflict Lab Postdoctoral Fellowship, The Future of the Global Order: Power, Technology, and Governance, Past Global Order Workshops and Colloquia, 2022 Global Order Colloquium | A Fracturing World: The Future of Globalization: September 13-14, 2022, A Fracturing World: The Future of Globalization | Report and Thought Pieces, Workshop | The Global Order After Russia's Invasion of Ukraine: April 2022, Workshop | Challenges and Opportunities at the Dawn of the New Space Age: March 2022, 2021 Global Order Colloquium | How to See the Future: Forecasting and Global Policy: September 2021, 2021 Global Order Colloquium Report and Thought Pieces, Emerging Technologies and Global Politics Project, Keeping Score: A New Approach to Geopolitical Forecasting, Global Shifts: Urbanization, Migration, and Climate Change, Past Global Shifts Workshops and Colloquia, 2023 Global Shifts Colloquium | Living with Extreme Heat: Our Shared Future, Global Climate Finance Workshop Report and Thought Pieces | October 3, 2022, Islands on the Climate Front Line: Risk and Resilience: April 2022, Islands on the Climate Front Line: Risk and Resilience | Report and Thought Pieces, Call for Papers: 2022 Conference on International Borders in a Globalizing World, The Great Powers and Urbanization Project (GPUP), Cities, Geopolitics, and the International Legal Order Report and Thought Pieces, Meet our 2023-24 World House Student Fellows, World House Student Fellows Policy Projects, World House Student Fellows Summer Awards, Perry World House-Foreign Affairs Emerging Scholars Policy Prize.
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