Five small-scale landlords, along with the Oakland-based nonprofit Housing Providers of America, sued the county and city in March of this year over the eviction bans. As long as a tenant is still living in their apartment, they can contest or overturn an eviction by showing that they were approved for rental assistance and with the rental assistance and their own funds (if needed) can pay all of the rent owed. Oakland and Alameda Countys eviction moratoriums are still in effect News about Californias eviction and rent relief programs has caused some confusion for local Housing Providers of America was incorporated early this year by John Protopappas, a prominent local developer and CEO of Madison Park Financial, which owns numerous rental properties in Oakland and elsewhere. Letters: Lockdowns role | Reshaping charges | Reparations deserved | Reject dividers | Racist tropes To help keep our streets clean from debris and safe for all modes of travel, the City will resume street sweeping service according to posted schedules this Monday, June 15, 2020. We amplify community voices, share the power of real information, and investigate systems, not just symptoms. with homeless service providers. Sign up for The Oaklandsides free daily newsletter. Starratt says that in an Alameda County community survey of landlords in fall 2022 and spring 2023, landlords reported that fully 50% of the rent thats owed is owed by tenants who are over-income meaning theyre higher than 80% of area median income. 300. Oaklands moratorium went into effect on March 27, 2020, banning most evictions shortly after the local COVID-19 lockdown began. Q: When must regular rent payments resume?A: Residential tenants need to resume their regular rent payments on October 1, 2021. Were journalists for Oakland. Tenants who can pay all the rent owed with the help of rental assistance now have more time to pay to avoid eviction. 2263 Santa Clara Avenue After the hearing, Andrew Zacks, a lawyer for the landlords, said he didnt believe policymakers would act to repeal the bans after two and a half years. Revitalizing low-income neighborhoods by installing sidewalks and public accessibility improvements, and by The 2022-23 budget included the $40 million base allocation for the EAF, as well as funding for specific uses, including $30 million for eviction protection and $15 million for consumer debt cases. Legal evictions may proceed starting on April 30, 2023 and tenants who do not pay rent from April 30th onward may be at risk of eviction. However, if a tenant violated their lease in another way, the landlord will be able to begin an eviction process.. If all unpaid rent is not paid by that date, the landlord may get a court judgment for the unpaid amount. You will be contacted by an application coordinator once your application has been selected for processing. (The tenant cant be evicted for failing to pay a late fee.). Peninsula landlord charged with discriminating against family with young children PW 05-19-26, RFP: Chuck Corica Golf Course Parking Lot Improvements, Preparation of Eng Docs for Upgrade of Sewer Pump Stations, Group 5, RFP for FY 2020 Sign & Striping Maintenance, PW No. Is there any end in sight, from a policy perspective? Beeler asked a county lawyer during the hearing. Dear Abby: I have a great life, so why have I fallen into this shameful behavior? WebSeptember 2022 Ending the Alameda County Eviction Moratorium Month: September 2022 The Homeless Problem in Alameda County is too big Eviction Moratorium The budget also included $250,000 for legal aid organizations to prepare for implementation of the CARE Act. Starratt says that in an Alameda County community survey of landlords in fall 2022 and spring 2023, landlords reported that fully 50% of the rent thats owed is owed by tenants who are over-income meaning theyre This covers 100% of past rent owed on or after April 1, 2020. x=ks]dJ J\vZ|DRQhC7PFT 4z;,n_gO7gX>o6no Q: I heard that the States eviction moratorium is ending; am I protected under local law?A:Under the States COVID-19 rental protections tenants cannot be evicted if, due to COVID-19 financial distress, they cannot pay rent that came due during the covered periodMarch 1, 2020 until September 30, 2021. As for local law, the City Council has adopted a number of tenant protections that expire a specified number of days after the City Council lifts the local emergency. The current law, set to expire Thursday, says a judge must pause an eviction proceeding if a rent relief application is pending. This also means that evictions for non-payment "cgy(2yoF?x~'`op8+8>W(]>`oolo}]~A(F4OXJ` LI!^c.JHY-3*`B|}l6C?547,=0CgC[vAf=xju_X50 VVt,?s(+8&)%K%ZpE:>|]4\~?5o[6O Kdk~0B&UKzJI*Lip`f9@by>j~\ls \f~Zc3gkxxy Theyre also been calling on the county to reimburse them for loss of income. stream You must give your landlord a financial distress declaration (download the declaration at every time you receive a notice to pay rent and are unable to pay. The policy was designed to end 60 days after the expiration of Alamedas COVID health emergency, which ended on February 28th. Categories It essentially bans all evictions, either for nonpayment or other reasons, to keep renters from being displaced during the health crisis. Alameda County Temporary Commercial Eviction Moratorium. Some local moratoria remained, but Some Oakland officials have talked about beginning to phase out the moratorium soon, likely in small steps. But she said their indefinite time periods, and the fact that theyve been permitted to remain in effect for more than two years, raises a concern.. May 05, 2022. At this point, the best recourse for landlords is to go to small claims court to obtain the back rent owed from those tenants, said Starratt. Sign up for our daily newsletter. The suit also claims the tenants four German Shepherds, forbidden by the lease, have caused considerable damage to the unit. A tenant not paying their rent is grounds for eviction, said Starratt in an interview with KQED. For instance, if you violated your lease by moving someone into your home without permission from your landlord, or destroyed property, or violated the lease in some other way, she said. The language for the new form is in section 15 of AB 832. So, a tenant must resume regular rent payments beginning October 1, 2021. If you didnt pay your rent and used that money on other items, you could be faced with a court assigning your wages to the landlord in order for the landlord to get their back rent, warned Starratt. Days could be numbered for the Alameda County and Oakland eviction moratorium policiesif a judge accepts the arguments presented by landlord attorneys at a federal court hearing Thursday. Q: Are there new limits on evictions for nonpayment of rent, after October 1, 2021?A:Yes. Housing is Key includes information on eviction protections, applications for tenants and landlords to apply for rental relief, and foreclosure assistance for homeowners. Both California's and Alameda County's COVID-19 health emergencies ended on February 28, 2023. Please be sure to respond to your application coordinator when contacted to speed up approval. Lawyers for Oakland and Alameda County warned the judge that a ruling accepting the landlords legal interpretation could have widespread and unintended consequences for other, unrelated housing laws. One man said: "The community is counting on you to add back in the requirement that landlords show substantial damages before throwing tenants out on the streets. Local Moratorium Expires 60 Days After the End of the Public Health Emergency Order, Alameda County Housing and Community Development, ALL IN Alameda County and Initiatives Have Transitioned into Alameda County Agencies, Alameda County Supervisor Dave Browns Biweekly Newsletter (October 11, 2022), Board of Supervisors Passes Resolution in Support of Reproductive Rights in Alameda County, Alameda County Supervisor Dave Browns Biweekly Newsletter (March 7, 2022), Alameda County Supervisor Dave Brownss Biweekly Newsletter (February 7, 2022). Without a lawsuit, this is not going to change, he told The Oaklandside. 3 0 obj No: The Alameda County cities of Oakland, Berkeley and San Leandro still have their own eviction moratoriums, and those will remain in effect after the countys eviction moratorium expires on Saturday: That said, just because a city in Alameda County has its own eviction moratorium doesnt mean renters in that city cant be evicted. The council If you are a tenant at risk of eviction or displacement, you may qualify for legal services under AC Housing Secure. of the California Code of Civil Procedure. This protection remains in place until 30 days after the declared state of emergency is over. WebUnderstanding Alameda Countys Eviction Moratorium Webinar. However, state law contains explicit language preempting local control in this area. ERAP@acgov.orgCall Centro Legal de la Razas ACHS phone hotline at (510) 994-0733 for additional information. Alameda Countys eviction moratorium expired, What you need to know if youre an Alameda County renter, Alameda ended the countys public health emergency for COVID-19 on Feb. 28 (PDF), you should submit proof of your COVID-related loss of income. The Alameda County eviction moratorium ended on April 29, 2023, but you may still have important protections from eviction. This program is funded by the voter-approved Measure A1 Affordable Housing Bond. Keep reading for what to know about the end of the eviction moratorium in Alameda County. The laws dont relieve tenants of their obligation to pay rent, but they say property owners cant evict them if they dont. 10-20-38, Contract Documents for Traffic Signal Controller Cabinets, Contract Documents for Battery Backup System, Contract Documents for Traffic Signal Controllers, Contract Documents for Video Image Detection System, Notice of Funding Availability & Request for Proposals, Request for Proposals for On-Call Land Surveyor Services, Request for Proposals for Pest Control Services, RFP:Mechanical/HVAC Preventative Maintenance & Repair at City Faciliti, Request for Bids for Landscape Maintenance Services Various Locations, REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS/PROPOSALS FOR HEARING OFFICER SERVICES. Their landlord could serve them with a three-day notice to pay or quit.. I Still Have Questions About The City's Laws For renters. Housing & Community Development Department. Landlords can again take tenants to court for failing to pay rent, although tenants with pending aid applications with the state can be protected through next month. The suit marks the latest step toward dismantling COVID-19 protections for tenants, as health risks have diminished and many state and local programs and efforts have expired. Now, Alameda County housing officials are expecting evictions to spike to above pre-pandemic levels, to some 250350 evictions per month as landlords look to recoup back rent and evict tenants if they are unable to pay going forward. This means that tenants are expect to pay monthly rent on May 1, 2023. Dear Abby: Am I overreacting to my European daughter-in-law's behavior? Im one of the lucky few, but so many people I know have been affected by eviction threats and illegal rent increases, Oakland tenant Annemarie Garcia told The Oaklandside. Housing is Key is the State of Californias COVID-19 housing relief portal. Q: Is there rent protection for commercial tenants?A:During COVID, commercial tenants had an eviction defense for unpaid rent that was due to a "substantial loss of income." This means that starting Sunday, April 30, tens of thousands of County supervisors and a county attorney did not return messages Thursday seeking comment. As for Oakland, no changes, and its moratorium remains in place. How renters will be protected when Oaklands eviction ban ends in July The City recommends tenants give this notice whenever they can't pay the full rent, even if they haven't received a pay-or-quit notice. But there have been lengthy delays and other problems with the distribution of those funds, and many households are still awaiting their payments. Click here to learn. COVID-19 Rent Relief Resources for Alameda County Residents: Alameda County Housing Although Californias eviction moratorium ended last month, many Alameda County tenants are still covered by a local ban that has ignited a growing fight between landlords and county officials. Her message: If you can pay your rent, you should pay it.. Its a little odd, at this stage in the pandemic, to have an ordinance with no end date, she said. The material in this communication may be subject to copyright under the Act. For example, renters will still have until May 31, 2023 to pay all rent that came due during the covered period, in addition to other protections. Housing is Key: OAKLAND, Calif. - The Oakland City Council early Wednesday morning made a decision toward ending the city's moratorium on evictions.
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