16 April 2012. Point correction ,ONJO OF OKEHO NOT OBA OF OKEHO. The Ijo Orunmila Atorise, Ogunda Meji temple, which was founded by the late Chief Ifayemi Awopeju Bogunmbe, a prominent babalawo in Yorubaland, is an ultramodern Ifa Orisa worship centre, which incorporates a great deal of sophistication and civilisation in its operations and religious activities. The coming of the British, nonetheless gave opportunities for official recognition of different categories of traditional rulers. Yoruba Chieftaincy Title Selection. Nigeria: Chieftaincy in Yorubaland and rituals, including human sacrifice and blood rituals upon initiation to chieftaincy or during chieftaincy; reaction of state ministries of chieftaincy affairs to Yoruba chief rituals, including whether reaction varies by state; prevalence and consequences of refusing a Yoruba chieftaincy title; protection available to those who refuse such a title (2019 . Kindly do check back. titles: Abstract: This paper examines the impact of honorary chieftaincy titles awarded by the Oba (king) in the Yoruba society of Oyo State, Nigeria, on individual recipients, usually politicians, businessmen and civil servants, and on public administration. Kindly check it out here: https://theafricanista.com/2016/07/06/blogger-recognition-award/. Examples are: n, g, j . To learn more, view ourPrivacy Policy. If you know some other titles of traditional rulers in Yorubaland not listed above, kindly add it in the comment box and we will update this list as soon as possible. WE ALSO HAVE (1) OWA OF IGBAJO (2) ONIRUN OF OKE IRUN (3) ELEJIGBO Or OGIYAN OF EJIGBO (All In Osun State) .4 AJORIWIN OF IRAWO (5). Thanks for your contribution, Mr. Akinleye. Soludo, Egypt frees Al Jazeera producer held for nearly 4 years, Workers contributions to nations development immeasurable Sanwo-Olu, Clashes erupt at French May Day protests against Macron, Workers Day: NLC demands for 65 years retirement age, Ooni, Akintoye, others to host 134th anniversary of Kiriji War September 22, Return schools to owners Ooni charges Government, Ooni rallies support for itsekiri in choosing new Olu of Warri, Afenifere group urges Alaafin, Ooni to convene Yoruba leadership summit, Ooni debunks role in sale of Lagos communal land, Childrens Day: Ooni harps on vocational skill acquisition. It is reserved for the first son of a family. These heads with a rank of chief perform traditional functions among the people that elect them. However, an event that still has symbolic prestige and capital is that of chieftaincy title-taking and awarding. Some Yoruba chieftaincy titles are hereditary and others are bestowed upon individuals (Chief 25 Sept. 2012; Emeritus Professor 16 Apr. Onisambo of Ogbooro, Sabiganna of Iganna, Oniware of Iware, Elero of Ilero, Onimia of Imia. Telephone interview with the Research Directorate. .. .. without Agbana Of Isanlu. Thank you for your visit and contribution, Mr. Akintunde Ojo. _____. Thank you for your visit and wonderful contributions, Mr. Lawal Saubana Oke. 104-120. Kayode Ekundayo. He emphasized that this "happens and can happen anywhere" (ibid. Thank you for your contribution, your highness, Oba Williams Olusegun Ayeni. Oh! 2012). Berghahn Books, 1996, p 30-37. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Oba_(ruler)&oldid=1151998103, This page was last edited on 27 April 2023, at 14:50. It identifies the factors responsible for the changes: namely, militarism and patronage (in the nineteenth century), Western education, individual affluence, colonial and post-colonial state power (in the twentieth century). 2012). ALADO of ADO-AWAYE LAND IS A FIRST CLASS KING not Aseyin. Ome ka ozo di: a broke individual who behaves as if he is rich. oba Abodi of ikaleland, Haul of aye kingdom, Rebuja of osoroland, Jegun of idepe -okitipupa, oba olugbo of ugboland, wao! The title of a chief which is one of the cultural titles in Yoruba land is associated with village heads, heads of cults or heads of lineages. The title of a chief which is one of the cultural titles in Yoruba land is associated with village heads, heads of cults or heads of lineages. Kindly do check back. Thank you so much, Mr. Ayeni Israel. Anu ana-agba egbe ona akpa nri: this long title is given to a strong person who prevails despite attempts to hurt him by kinsmen. 2012; Advocate and Development Planner 17 Apr. Thanks for your contribution, Prince Shitta. Correspondence with the Research Directorate. The acronym Ogie was used for their rulers (kings). We appreciate the government and all Ghanaians for their love and peaceful coexistence with Yorubas living on their land that brought about this historical event in the life time of Yoruba community in Ghana. Kindly do check back. Some prominent members of society spend personal funds for rural development. Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria have their own way of practicing their beliefs and the demands of the practice. Ovori of Ibeshe, Alabirun of Ikare Alahun of Imore Alado of Abuleado Agbojojoye of Ibasa-Ijegun egba Onirede of Irede and Igbanko Olojo of Ojoland Oniba of Ibaland, Ajalaiye of Ijebu Imomo Ajalorun of Ijebu Ife. Thanks for your visit and contribution, Mr. Gbenga Alebiosu. All of the subordinate members of the Yoruba aristocracy, both traditional chieftains and honorary ones, use the pre-nominal "Oly" (lit. This article investigates the changes in the local conception of elderhood and the deployment of the idiom of age in Ibadan. 2012; IDMC 8 June 2012). 2012). Kindly do check back. The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers to this website may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Ilorin is part of Yoruba land.It was Afonja a representative of Alafin that teamed up with his Fulani spiritual agents to fight Alafin.Afonja was eventually murdered by the Fulanis Every act perfidy has a price either now or later. This is wonderful. They dominate commerce in electronic, automobile spare part and general merchandizing. "Making Sense of Religious Change in Postcolonial Africa: Conversion to Mormonism in Southeastern Nigeria," 17th Annual Africa Conference, University of Texas, Austin, March 31-April 2, 2017. 18 May 2012). Chieftaincy Titles. Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has called for review of civil servants retirement age and years of service in the entire public service to 65. Thanks for your visit, Folashade. He said that "all such 'backers' would expect to get repaid in some way, in cash, influence, benefits from office, access to land, etc." Oji ofo means the first son of a family. To the Bini people, the word Oba can mean Shining object, a bright light or a red color. The y ba, meanwhile, bears the title "Alfin", which means One who possesses the palace) and the kings of individual Yoruba towns, such as that of w a town in Osun State who bears the title "Olw" (Ol ti w, lit. The transformation in the supreme leadership of the pre-colonial all-Ijebu military high command, from the Olisa to the Balogun, this essay simultaneously attributes to that ascendency. In contrast, the Advocate and Development Planner stated that there are consequences for refusing a chieftaincy title (Advocate and Development Planner 18 May 2012). The following could not provide information for this Response: Embassy of Nigeria in Ottawa; Emeritus Professor of African History, University of Stirling; Emeritus Professor and professorial research associate, University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies. A brief examination presupposes a trend of the historical development described Ekiti as unique in an aspect of its popular traditional beliefs attached to their solidarity and oneness from past generations. 0 Olujumu of Ijumu Kingdom, Ijumu is in kogi state sharing boundary with ondo start and partially with Edo people. The title is given to people who enable others towards personal development and self-sufficiency. Kindly help me with the titles of these kings Ilora and Iseyin. Thanks for your contribution, Alagba Ademot. Thank you so much, Mr. Adebowale. The Yoruba chieftaincy system can be divided into four separate ranks: royal chiefs, noble chiefs, religious chiefs and common chiefs. Owner of a title, also appearing as "jy") in the way that kings and queens regnant use 'ba'. At the same time, the dissertation addresses the role Yoruba-inspired religion in Brazil has played in the formation of a traditional Yoruba religion, and brings this process of transition from forms of worship to religion to bear on the important discourse on authenticity in Salvador, Brazil, offering a new historical perspective on the tradition of syncretism with Roman Catholicism. (Ayanyemi, Ayanwale),Names can also depend on the nature of chieftaincy titles of the parents. Thanks so much for this good work. Yoruba Ethnogenesis and the Trajectory of Islam by John David Yeadon Peel, READING THE DIARY OF AKINPELU OBISESAN IN COLONIAL AFRICA, Inter-religious relations in Yorubaland, Nigeria: corpus methods and anthropological survey data. Kindly do check back. This is a great contribution. Olukotun of Ikotun-Ile, Elerin of Erin, Osolo of Osolo. This paper will examine comparatively the forms of chieftaincy title given among the three religious faiths in Yoruba land and how they have co-existed without necessarily jeopardizing their basic tenets of faith and practices. Others are the other regional obas in abeokua and demo. The paper specifically argues that there is a direct connection between the disappearance of such antique military offices like the Olukongbon, Ade Kola, and Adechegou and the appearance of the paramount Balogun title in pre-colonial Ijebu-land. Kindly do visit again. We are proud of you as Yoruba., Giving historical background of Yoruba in Ghana and reason for honouring some individuals, His Royal Majesty, Oba Hamza Peregrino-Brimah VIII, said: Present Yoruba are 5th generations of Yoruba in Ghana, and it is right time to honour some carefully selected individuals, who have contributed significantly to our community and Republic of Ghana in general., 02 February 2020 | The Advocate and Development Planner stated that "[a]t times, it might lead to loss of life of the person that refuses to be installed," and added that the killing of the person who refuses this chieftaincy title might be used as a deterrent to others to avoid disrespecting tradition (ibid. Thanks for contributing, Mr. Adeniji Adeloye. Anambra Governor, Prof. Charles Soludo, said that the N30,000 national minimum wage for Nigerian workers is grossly insufficient to sustain the average worker and his family. In addition ONIKARE OF IKARE,OLOWO OF OWO, ALARA OF ARAMOKO, ONIGEDE OF IGEDE. TRADITIONS AND CONTROVERSIES SURROUNDING THE EKITI SENIOR OBAS (1860-1960) The organization of various kingdoms and the arrangement of the major towns in relations to the subordinate towns constituted the basis of their traditional relevance in Yorubaland prior to British occupation. Please visit often. Thanks for your contribution, Honourable Ogunmolasuyi Sesan. Thank you, Mr. Akinwale Abiodun. HubPages is a registered trademark of The Arena Platform, Inc. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. Thanks for your contribution, Mr. Dehinde Olutimehin. I nominated your blog for the Blogger Recognition Award. Kindly do visit again. Nigeria is divided into three major ethnic groups Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa people. Mother who owns a title) in their capacities as married chieftesses. The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, has called on the Oodua descendants all over the world to be in solidarity with the Itsekiri people in the choice of the new Olu of Warri. The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, has appealed to parents and guardians to add vocational and business skills to the formal education being given to their children in schools. Please visit often. "[3], The role of the oba has diminished with the coming of colonial and democratic institutions. Elekole of Ikole Ekiti, a prominent ba in Yorubaland, paramount ruler of Egbe-ba Kingdom. This is great! Thank you for your contribution, Mr. Gbenro. A person who elevates his kinsmen in business, education, community development. In a move aimed at restoring and reawakening the history and culture of Yoruba, eminent Yoruba leaders, including the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi. Were glad you found OldNaija useful. The title is also distinct from that of Oloye in Yoruba land, which is itself used in like fashion by subordinate titleholders in the contemporary Yoruba chieftaincy system. The Chief of Yoruba and Iboland and the Emeritus Professor indicated that there are presently no consequences to refusing a chieftaincy title (Chief 25 Sept. 2012; Emeritus Professor 16 Apr. Thank you, Mrs Bukola Awobode. Aka ji mba title means the bread winner of the masses. It is also often used by princes and princesses in colloquial situations, though the title that is most often ascribed to them officially is "mba" (lit. We really appreciate this. Kindly do check back, Olobu of ilobu Olufon of ifon Elerin of elerin, Olobu of ilobu Olufon of ifon Elerin of erin, Thanks for your contribution, Olamodder. The first generation towns of the Yoruba homeland, which encompasses large swathes of the said countries of Benin, Nigeria, and Togo, are those with obas who generally wear beaded crowns; the rulers of many of the 'second generation' settlements are also often obas. Sources indicate that Yoruba chiefs are selected based on the traditions of each community (Advocate andDevelopment Planner 17 Apr. %PDF-1.5 % Thank you very much Africanister. 18 May 2012). Nigeria: Increasing Violence Continues to Cause Internal Displacement. Onipee of Ipee in Kwara State, till today remains the father of oniree of Iree land of Osun State. We really appreciate your contribution. His Royal Majesty, Oba of Yoruba in Ghana, Alh. Royal splendour, the rich Yoruba culture and Ghanaian hospitality were in full display in Accra,last weekend, as the Yoruba community in Ghana honoured some members of its race from Nigeria. Yoruba festivals are numerous and multifarious. Lord of w). 1.OKUBAKA OF OKA AKOKO S/W ONDO ST.2,OLUKARE OF IKARE AKOKO N/E ONDO ST. Onilala of Lanlate, Asawo of Ayete, Elenpe of Tapa, Oluaso of Igangan. Wealthy people in eastern Nigeria are usually celebrated. The acronym Oba was used for their rulers (kings). Alara of Aramoko and Ajero of Ijero is one of the seven paramount rulers in Yoruba land. E seun a dupe. Using a multi-layered methodological approach, including a lived historical perspective, the author recounts the process through which she also became Yoruba through the conferment of three chieftaincy titles each on her and her husband, the highest of which was presented to them by His Royal Majesty, King (Oba) Michael Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo . Thanks for your visit and wonderful contribution, Mr. Mayowa Aringbangba. The question of who are the Ogboni of Egbaland is one of the major controversial issues which in fact call for deliberation. I rejoice with all the recipients, most especiallythat popular Nigerian politician, Moshood Mustapha, who has been honoured as the Oluomo of Yoruba in Ghana., He urged the new chiefs to continue thegood behaviour and generosity that earned you these titles. Thank you, Mr. Amos. This dissertation analyzes how the worship of traditional Yoruba deities has now become a modern religion, but was previously understood and practiced very differently. 2012). The Yorb believe that previous bearers of a name have an impact on the influence of the name in a child's life. Hence this nullifies the widespread positions of both cultural systems, that is modernity and tradition, being diametrically opposing systems. Furthermore it tracks the subtle and largely unperceived shift in religious orientation towards more modern, closed, and reified conceptions of religion and the types of complications that arise as a result. 2012). 2012; IDMC 8 June 2012). In contrast, the Advocate and Development Planner indicated that an individual who refuses a chieftaincy title because of the required rituals could be forced to accept the chieftaincy title by "chief makers" if the parents of the individual nominated him or her to succeed them before they died (17 Apr. 2012). In Yoruba land, apart from Oba which is the general name for a king, each king or traditional ruler has his own royal title which distinguishes him from other kings. "Church Bans Chieftaincy Titles, Wedding for Pregnant Women, Others." Alaafin of Oyo Ooni of Ife Alake of Egba Olubadan of Ibadan Awujale of Ijebu-Ode Oji ofo title is given only to men in a family. Alepata of Igboho NOTHING LIKE Onigboho of Igboho. Those that remain and those of the third generation tend to only be headed by the holders of the title "Bal" (lit. Thank you once again. Thanks for your contribution, Mr. Lekan Niyi. Thank you, Miss/Mrs Alawe Olorunfemi. Divinity of triumph, being supernatural of success. Aseyin of Iseyin and Akibio of Ilora. 2023 The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers on this website. This article examines the cultural and spiritual significance of the Ojude Oba festival. Olukoro of Ikoro-Ekiti, Arinjale of Ise-Ekiti, Onitaji of itaji-Ekiti, Onire of Ire-Ekiti, Lanuwa of Ode Omi the first OBA In ijebu Land senior to Awujale of ijebu land. olubeshe of ibeshe, Ranadu of Imota Obateru of Egbin Alajede of Ijede. Thanks for your contribution, Mr. Moyin Salaudeen. The title is given to an individual who defends the Igbo race. They are joined in the class of royal chiefs by the titled dynasts of their royal families. Correct! There are, By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our. Aarin - centre/middle Aarinade - in the center of the crown Aarinade - in the center of the crown Abayomi - the enemy would have gloated over me Abejide - born during the rainy season Abidemi - born before the fathers arrival Abidoye- born before the arrival of a chieftaincy title
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