That only works with Substitute. Home. Exploiting Swampert's 4x weakness to Grass is the easiest way to counter it. We encourage original content and questions for all official battle formats. - Stone Edge Gastrodon could be listed as a defensive bulky water. SandStorm team with a difference!! Toxic Spikes is another large problem, as it hits many common sandstorm Pokmon. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Competitive 6v6 Smogon OU Wifi Battle. That doesn't necessarily just work with subs. All guides and strategy information are 2004 and its, Rock-type Pokmon's Special Defense is boosted by 50%. Unless you're running something like Clefable, this Pokmon can be very hard to deal with. With AV, during Sandstorm Tyranitar is incredibly bulky and it can't even take super effective hits if they're special. Fairy Tale + Pokemon = ??? Dec 7, 2021. - Earthquake Cradily has many common weaknesses to exploit when countering it, including Bug, Ice, and Fighting. Also just to put it out there i had Colbur berry on Dragapult to live any Knock Off or Sucker Punch almost garenteed and u also gain variety not having Specs. Both are excellent checks to Manaphy, Keldeo, and Mega Charizard Y. Latios is primarily used for its offensive presence, while Latias is a better check to these threats and packs Healing Wish, which gives an opportunity for a sweeper like Excadrill to have another go at the opponent's team. Choice Band works for immediate power; with Choice Band, Scizor can easily trap Pokmon like Gengar with Pursuit (provided it does not have Hidden Power Fire), and heavily damage Pokmon like Celebi with U-turn. Tyranitar completely invalidates Volcarona's existence, allowing you to out offense it or Tyranitar just straight up kills it, Offensive Corviknight has lost its place, or nearly lost it, in ou. Electric-types like Mega Manectric and Thundurus take on fat Water-types like Suicune and Slowbro that pose a problem to Excadrill. EVs: 128 HP / 128 Sp. Drop it here on Stunfisk! Body Press is super strong coverage thanks to Bulk Up, and Power Trip is strong as well after spamming Bulk Up for a bit, while my opponent has to think up of a strategy to counter. EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Fork is mainly to counter Grass types, among others. Corviknight, Heliolisk, Sigilyph and Scizor don't take any much of Sandstorm. You must log in or register to reply here. Metagross also has access to other physical moves, including Ice Punch, ThunderPunch, Earthquake, Pursuit, and Explosion. In this post, we will be discussing a team that has been . *Sandaconda is the best weather setter I've ever seen all thanks to it's ability. Kyurem-B is slower but pretty much on par with other threats to sand teams. Heatran and Infernape make good Bronzong counters because of their STAB Fire moves, however they need to watch out for Earthquake. All teams have been credited to their respective creators . Then I Would still have a good physical and a good special sweeper along with a powerful revenge killer and lose the Sandstorm weakness. The only real options are Brick Break, Return, or X-Scissors. Grass Knot does more to Zygarde than Giga Drain and HP Fire OHKOs Kartana while also doing alot to Scizor. Mega Charizard X, being the only offensive S Rank Mega Pokmon in ORAS OU, is a top-tier threat. It can utilize Choice Scarf as a revenge killer or Choice Specs for heavy duty power. Gliscor can fulfill many roles on a sandstorm team; it can set up Swords Dance or Agility to Baton Pass, sweep with Swords Dance, or be a general physical wall. It's fair to say that Hippowdon is a better Pokmon to have on a sand team than Tyranitar in the current metagame. I hope you like! When you take a look at team archetypes such as this one, you'll notice that they're quite vulnerable to Dragon-types like Dragonite and the Lati twins, and really helpless against Fairy-types like Azumarill, Mega Altaria, Mega Gardevoir, and Mega Diancie. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. In battle, Sandstorm has the following effects: At the end of each turn, Sandstorm inflicts residual damage on each Pokemon for 1/16 of its Max HP Arcaseven. How Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Houndstone Can Deal The Highest Damage in the Game . Same with your Dragapult set, I recommend replacing it with a Thunder Wave Hex set as it is consistent in Sand Teams in my experience, it also relieves pressure on Tyranitar for checking pokemon like Volcarona and Heatran by paralyzing them which can lead to Tyranitar outstanding them and KOing them. No one on Smogon had anything to say about my team, so I figured I try here and see what people think and get some feedback. In this guide we will generally focus on permanent sandstorm, as it is easier to reap the rewards of Sand Stream than it is through use of the move Sandstorm. Garchomp is a nessecary for any Sandteam in my opinion, and with a Life Orb means it's overpowered (the Ice types in the room: "Hey"). Opposing weather teams also make playing with sandstorm difficult, especially if your weather-inducer faints before your opponent's does. They work in tandem with Excadrill, breaking things that Excadrill struggles with while Excadrill picks off faster threats that these Pokmon may have trouble with. Specifically, Suicune tends to be a large problem for sandstorm teams. - Surf These objectives are especially easy to pull off under sandstorm because of Sand Veil. Her ability Magic Guard means she can take the Sandstorm. Dugtrio also has the invaluable ability Arena Trap. Hippowdon also stops Mega Manectric cold in its tracks, as well as other Electric-types like Raikou. Let's have a look: Keldeo can overwhelm its checks pretty quickly with the combination of Scald burns, a potential Icy Wind for Latios, and Secret Sword for Ferrothorn. Tyranitar has always been a favorite for its great base stat spread and its Sand Stream ability, which sets up a sandstorm. Building a sandstorm team is pretty easy. Snorlax and Tyranitar also do quite well to stop Magnezone, with high Special Defense and access to Earthquake. Arcaseven's Sandstorm Team. The combination of Mega Charizard Y's ability Drought, high Special Attack, and access to powerful moves in Solar Beam and Fire Blast is just unfair. Cradily can also use Swords Dance with Recover and Suction Cups to back it up. Smogon Tiers, Explained Pokemon VGC: Useful Sites and Resources Pokemon VGC: Important Moves and Abilities Pokemon VGC: . With good stats across the board, Jirachi makes a very nice Pokmon both offensively and defensively, and can find a place on almost any team. You want a pokemon whose very presence on the field will set up the weather for you; Pokemon with the ability Sand Stream. With a powerful STAB Earthquake, a reliable 50% recovery move in Slack Off, and Stealth Rock, Yawn, Toxic, and Roar for support, Hippowdon can fit right into any stall team. While Aerodactyl isn't the best sweeper because of its frailty, it makes a great suicide lead. Anyone that's played OU has encountered the beast that is Lucario. That very same Gyarados makes a good option to use too, but Leftovers is the recommended item over Life Orb because it will help Gyarados combat the sandstorm damage. Latios is generally the only check that these teams carry to it, and it gets trapped by Pursuit, which is pretty miserable. Heat Wave deals with Ferrothorn and does a ton of damage to Excadrill, Hurricane OHKOes Keldeo and 2HKOes Hippowdon, Superpower or Focus Blast handles Tyranitar, Knock Off or U-turn is used for Latios/Tyranitar, and Grass Knot takes care of Hippowdon. In the Generation 8 OU tier, creating a strong and balanced team is essential to success. Lead Jirachi isn't as good in 4th gen, and the other SR users don't have much use outside of entry . Tyranitar's main and most immediately threatening moveset is one paired with Choice Band. Ferrothorn, Latios, and Keldeo can check it pretty nicely, but Ferrothorn has to watch out for Hidden Power Fire variants and Keldeo can only switch in once and fears Fusion Bolt. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Both STAB Gyro Ball and STAB Power Whip are stronger than Shadow Claw, plus you have Shadow Ball on Alakazam and Espeon to take out Psychics and Ghosts. Forretress can also threaten opposing Pokmon with Earthquake, STAB Gyro Ball, Zap Cannon, or Payback. That's certainly the case for these fifteen. Like Blissey, Tentacruel is easily trapped and killed by Dugtrio. Since Excadrill is not available anymore and there are no other good Pokmon that can take advantage of the sandstorm to land good hits, people just give up on making them), so I decided to give it a try and make one. Azumarill is a huge threat because of its typing, access to priority in Aqua Jet, which allows it to revenge kill Excadrill, STAB moves that let it take out the sand setter, and decent bulk, which allows it to take a hit or two from common Pokmon found on these archetypes, such as Latios, Keldeo, and Tornadus-T. Manaphy is a huge threat to most sand balance teams. I've been making this team for about six months, and to post the entire teambuilding process would make this a rediculously long thread. Including a Pokmon like Mixed Jirachi is a good idea; even though they will be taking damage from Life Orb, they'll often be able to break down a few walls so you'll be able to sweep with something else. I agree with everything that lousy928 said. The spinning top Pokmon is a great Rapid Spinner in UU, and it is one of the few special attacking Ground-types. How to build the best Sandstorm team for competitive Pokemon. Hey there, nice sand team. T-tar is pretty obvious for this team, I'll usually lead off with it to start Sandstorm for my team. Shuckle is yet another defensive Pokmon made better in sandstorm, however Shuckle can't do much of anything except Toxic and Encore, and even its monstrous defenses cannot cover its low HP (meaning it still can't take heavy-duty hits). This is why you'll commonly find Ferrothorn, Amoonguss, or even Mega Scizor on these team archetypes. Excadrill is the only viable sweeper that can make use of sand to aid its sweeping capabilities. With the introduction of Excadrill, a Pokmon that tore apart everything with its Adamant Life Orb set under permanent sand unless another weather inducer came into play, came a threat that was pretty hard to handle. Alberto Nez. If you are using Corviknight, then your number one goal should be to ensure that Rillaboom and opposing Garchomps doesn't run you over, which those two can easily do in the blink of an eye. Blissey, Vaporeon, Tentacruel, and Suicune make great Heatran counters. While not popular in the past, in the present Empoleon has become a wildly popular special sweeper, and it does fantastically on sandstorm teams. Sandstorm doesn't make a giant difference in battling compared to extreme field effects like Trick Room, so building your team isn't too difficult. Here's the Series 10 Sandstorm team that I have been using. One of these sets, Tyraniboah, dates back to the 3rd Generation and is a fantastic wallbreaker. Right now, I'm going to share my team which can beat all another weather and some buff or trap team if you do correctly what I say, here's my team: you like stealing images without asking :D. Ferrothorn's nature is your good advice, but another things you say is not OK. Nice team. With the introduction of ORAS, new Mega Evolutions were added to the tier, such as Mega Metagross, Mega Lopunny, and Mega Altaria. We encourage original content and questions for all official battle formats. Offensive sandstorm teams use the sandstorm to nullify the opponent's Focus Sashes and to allow the offensive Pokmon to sweep more easily, courtesy of the additional damage. Regirock has one of the highest Defense stats in the game, and with relatively good defensive typing, Regirock makes a very good physical wall. Sap Sipper is Miltank's ability because a Sandstorm team always has two main weaknesses: Water and Grass. While Hippowdon's defensive ability is outstanding, its Special Defense is somewhat mediocre. [Please excuse our look during the redesign :)], Shuca Berry / Muscle Band / Passho Berry / Chople Berry. Not only will they likely be ready with powerful sweepers ready to benefit from the opposing weather, but your Rock-type Pokmon will lose their Special Defense boosts. Want to contribute? Pokemon Scarlet Violet Pokemon team builder for VGC 2023 Regulation Set C. Moves, EVs, and more for pokemon like Flutter Mane, Chi-Yu and Amoonguss. With this, Mamoswine can do heavy damage to opposing Pokmon before they can land a hit. Neither Spiritomb nor Rotom-A really care about sandstorm too, as they both can use Rest. oof I dont really have the time rn, some job stuff needs doing but there are a lot of sand RMTs on this page, and i can summon two very experienced sand players to help you, just for a quick note, I kinda like pex here, it forms a water fire grass core with tran and ferro, resists fire, is a bulky water that is not weak to grass and has amazing longevity, i might consider it instead of corvi, not sure though. Tar-Pits (Tyranitar) (M) @ Smooth Rock Ability: Sand Stream Shiny: Yes The only Pokemon who can set up SRocks in these kinds of teams are Hippowdon, Tyranitar, Aerodactyl and Swampert. Trust me, this is the single most dangerous wallbreaker for sand teams, and it easily gets rid of the biggest thorn in Garchomp's ass, metal birds, This last slot can be whatever you want, basically anything that can destroy specially defensive ground types as Ocelzolt struggles greatly to get rid of them. There are only two pokemon that have the ability Sand Stream. Dugtrio is one of the few Ground-type Pokmon that has Speed without a Choice Scarf. This video is. When choosing Pokmon for your sandstorm team, picking Pokmon that resist the sandstorm is always a safe bet. Sandstorm + Smooth Rock is for 8 turns of wonderful Sandstorm and Stealth Rock is for setting up Entry Hazards. Bronzong is no slouch in attacking either; it can use Gyro Ball (which is extremely powerful because of Bronzong's low Speed), Earthquake, and Explosion. All Pokemon with the ability Sand Force have their Ground-type, Rock-type, and Steel-type moves boosted by 30%. Forretress is capable of setting up every type of entry hazard, as well as spinning them away. If you wanna use an offensive bird, use Tornadus Therian. I've completed the Main Threats, Teambuilding Tips, and Example Team. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Competitive 6v6 Smogon OU Wifi Battle - YouTube 0:00 39:45 BEST Singles TEAM! I have managed to make it to top 1000 in masterball and ~1600 on showdown. Sandaconda has the Sand Spit ability, which activates a . Magnezone can take Iron Heads and Body Slams all day long (although it should watch out for paralysis), and can trap and Thunderbolt Jirachi for good damage. However, it's much less useful in OU than in UU (where you'll need to use Hippopotas), because of all the Steel-types in OU. All non-Rock-, Steel-, and Ground-type Pokemon and Pokemon without the ability Magic Guard, Sand Veil, or Overcoat take 1/16 damage at the end of every turn. Claydol's main pitfall is its lack of reliable recovery; it can't withstand repeated hits like other Pokmon (Hippowdon) can. Jolly Nature Don't be fooled, Kilowattrel is one of the best new Pokemon to debut in Scarlet & Violet. Celebi can provide Leech Seed support, and it makes a nice Gyarados counter (it can also defeat your opponent's Rock- and Ground-types with Grass Knot). It can switch in, trap, and kill several Pokmon such as Infernape, Blissey, and Tyranitar (though maximum HP Tyranitar isn't always OHKOed by Earthquake). This would allow you to bring in your attackers safely and since you're using Tyranitar, you're safe from Volcarona, If you're gonna use Garchomp as your main sand abuser, then you should use its single most dangerous set, sub scale shot. Rex here is my Sand Streamer. I think it's noteworthy that Cradily gets Storm Drain via Dream World (don't think it's released yet though)- this makes it a very handy check against Rain teams. Mamoswine runs in a similar vein as Rhyperior: attacking the opponent physically using powerful STAB moves and monstrous Attack. You had be better with Sand Rush sweepers like Excadrill and Dracozolt. Welcome to Smogon! Tyranitar is the center of this team. - Power Trip. Unfortunately can't survive a lot but gets good damage with choice specs so that's cool. Gliscor does a great job at countering Swords Dance Lucario if it lacks Ice Punch, while Rotom-A and Celebi do well if it lacks Crunch. I need help with my sandstorm team. Also, if the team opts to forego Rapid Spin for Swords Dance Excadrill, it leaves the team vulnerable to entry hazard stacking. Privacy Policy. You could even run both Tyranitar and Hippowdon on your team if you wanted to. These reasons combined made the Smogon Academy quickban Flutter Main from competitive battles with unanimous votes. Other Gliscor sets are easily beaten by Ice-type moves. The raw power of Excadrill under sand thanks to Life Orb and its high Attack means that it lands OHKOs like no big deal. Empoleon can set up Stealth Rock, as well as phaze the opponent with Yawn or Roar. This is a guide for the best team to use in the Battle Tower, based on Kuroko-sama's team with a 100-win streak in the Battle Tower in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP). Gliscor is also one of DPP's best Heracross counters, while it also beats non-Ice Punch Lucario. Blissey and Spiritomb do a great job at countering Choice Specs Lucario, as Calm Blissey is never 2HKOed by Choice Specs Aura Sphere, and can cripple Lucario with Thunder Wave or dent it with Flamethrower or Seismic Toss, whereas Spiritomb is immune to Aura Sphere and can use Hidden Power Fighting to wear Lucario down. Tentacruel can also be defeated by other powerful Electric- or Ground-type attacks. *An amazing sandstorm abuser! Her ability Magic Guard means she can take the Sandstorm. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It also helps with pressuring key targets like Corviknight which can lead to Excadrill cleaning easily. The reason I chose to build around Sand is because it has amazing matchup against lot of Pokmon, such as the Dogs, Lapras, Thundurus and Zapdos, Incineroar, Yveltal and Xerneas and the list goes on. Can I suggest using Gastrodon over Reuniclus? If you're facing something not weak to electric but weak to ground, use bolt beak. The easiest way to counter Blissey is with strong physical attacks. There are two things that a Sandstorm lead might want to do; activate Sand Steam with Hippowdon or Tyranitar, or set up SRocks. Donphan and Hippowdon wall Regirock all day long, and both can do some damage to Regirock with their STAB Earthquakes. I also recommend using Leftovers over Rocky Helmet on Corviknight as it can help it deal with Garchomp more effectively, I also suggest using mixed defenses as it can help with Future Sight abusers like Kartana and also Mixed Garchomp. Using Choice Scarf or Choice Band is a possibility, especially since Metagross can use Trick. Atzar 14 years ago #1. Sandstorm Sandstorm teams historically occupied a specific niche as a counter to both dedicated Rain and Sun Teams, while also being one of the two weather types used in stall. Hippowdon's strong point is its Physical bulk, which consists of an awesome 118 Base Defense and a very good 108 Base HP. Blissey can sponge special attacks, spread status around, and heal your own team's status with Heal Bell. On the offensive side of things, Jirachi makes a powerful physical attacker with Zen Headbutt, Iron Head, and the elemental punches. For more information, please see our The ones who are more viable in OU can have a paragraph dedicated to them. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. by using the move Sandstorm. Ability: Sand Stream. All guides and strategy information are 2004 and its, EVs: 248 HP / 44 Atk / 16 Def / 196 SpD / 4 Spe. The only Pokemon who can set up SRocks in these kinds of teams are Hippowdon, Tyranitar, Aerodactyl and Swampert. Formerly permanent weather was limited to five turns, excluding the effects of the weather stones, which increase it to eight, and Excadrill was deemed fit to be allowed back into the tier. New Pokemon Tier List (Scarlet & Violet) The Most Impactful Competitive Changes In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Generation IX Pokemon That Might be Seen in Competitive Play Smogon Makes First Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tiering Decisions Smogon Bans Two Threats from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Competitive Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Announce First .
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