Its a little hard to accurately ascertain the scooters range, though, because we got some pretty inconsistent readings in that department. Sometimes the on-scooter display and app gave different figures too. This portable power station has power storage to spare and plenty of ways to share it, By Richard Baguley The Pure Air's wheels are just like the Pro's, in that theyre 10 inches across and filled with air. On the handlebars youll find a brake on the left with a bell mounted on it, and a control panel mounted centrally (not sticking out on the right like on the Pure Air Pro). The scooters board measures 116 x 50cm, roughly similar to last years model, and can actually be peeled away to reveal the battery (if you ever feel like replacing the internals yourself). And this although you respect the limitation. The screen shows which speed mode youre in, whether the lights are on, your current battery charge (rounded to fifths), the speed youre traveling at, whether the scooter is connected to a phone via Bluetooth, and whether the scooter is locked. This portable power station has power storage to spare and plenty of ways to share it, By Richard Baguley Published 26 January 23, A portable power station that uses Ego Power tool batteries and doubles as a charger, By Richard Baguley That's more than most e-scooters and means it shouldn't have any troubles carrying you and a heavy bag around town. Increasing your tyre pressure to the maximum PSI can increase speed efficiency by as much as 15-20%. It's fast to charge and easy to use too, making it great for people who aren't used to handling electric scooters. If you've got a long commute, you'll get far on the Pure Air Pro with its 50km range just remember not to travel at the max speed. Charge your battery to 100% (risk-free) Your speed will greatly depend on your battery. In 2020, we named the Air (2020) the best scooter of Pures first generation of scooters, but thanks to its upgrades and lowered price, the Air Pro (2021) stands a good chance at being crowned the top model this time around. Looking down the scooter stem, theres an easy latch for holding the bars up when youve unfolded the scooter. It used to be quite hard to recommend the best electric scooter for someone who was looking for their first vehicle, since there were a few different products vying for that title, but the Pure Air makes the recommendation much easier - it should be the first scooter you consider. 51.7k. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Wed estimate that, when traveling at top speed, youll travel about 25km thats a dramatic drop-off compared to the true max range of the scooter, and notably a little less than the older Air Pro which went up to about 30km. Electric Scooters are ridden standing up and have 2 inline wheels for maximum speed, size and portability. Of course, legally the top speed is limited to 15 mph, but the extra performance really does help when climbing hills and carrying heavier loads. There was a problem. We could travel the same route twice and end up with noticeably different amounts of charge remaining, even when accounting for variables, but the most noticeable problem was that the reported battery seemed inconsistent between platforms. You might find yourself carrying the scooter far Tyre: 10-inch, air-filled w/puncture prevention fluid There are 2 types of speed limiter on any electric scooter (made to regulation) and these are: This is usually a wire that bridges a connection between the throttle and controller limiting the controllers power output to the motors. The Air Pro's huge range won't be useful to you if you don't need to travel far. You will receive a verification email shortly. Home mechanics should find the larger 10-inch tyres are easier to change and Pure has made sure the tyre valve is easilyaccessible, making them simple to inflate. TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The scooter costs 599 (about $850, AU$1,100) thats cheaper than its predecessor which launched for 679 (roughly $890 / AU$1,230). Despite these few minor issues, the Pure Air is a fantastic ride, and it counters many of the issues we had with the Pure Air Pro, which was a great ride in itself. Thus, the lgislation set a speed limit of 25 kilometers per hour. The front wheel has reflectors on it, while the rear one has an LED light. You can buy the Pure Air right now from the Pure website (opens in new tab), though the company has plenty of brick-and-mortar stores too. But, in case you have unbridled the scooter, the insurance will not cover the cost of compensation. This enables you to charge your smartphone, portable speaker or lights when out and about. When youve unscrewed that and attached the handlebars to the rear wheel with a small metal bar, you can pick up the Pure Air but at 16.5kg, its not light. The battery seemed to last admirably going at this speed, and while again we dont have an official measurement, it felt the maximum range could be close to that 30km. It will therefore be necessary to reimburse all the damage caused by the collision. These come on automatically by default, as they also help you be seen. That safety is doubly important at night, so it helps theres an adjustable front light, as well as one on the back and reflectors on the wheel. It has an estimated range of 31 miles / 50 km. Last updated 23 December 22, Brilliantly designed for urban journeys this all-in-one for two laptops proves an excellent travel backpack for work trips and weekends away, This heavyweight USB-C power bank with a MagSafe wireless charging pad is ideal for home, office and travel with electronics, Travel-friendly and fuss-free USB-C power bank for recharging laptops, smartphones and more, By Jamie Carter To achieve this, Pure Electric uses a custom controller with an inbuilt speed regulator to keep the speed within the legal threshold. Last updated 9 March 22, A well-performing tough all-rounder that is well suited to both beginners and enthusiasts, By Amy Davies I've tried looking in the cables but none helped, so someone an app that helps or anything? An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. It . We sometimes earn affiliate links when you click through the affiliate links on our website. We've long been fans of Pure Electric's e-scooter offerings, in fact, it's been at the top of our best electric scooter guide with its first-generation for over a year now. It sounds like the most ridiculous thing but its actually very effective. Max Load: 120 kg Pure Air Electric Scooter: Price Comparison, We check over 250 million products every day for the best prices. That said, the 25km/h speed limiter is not related to the motor and battery capacities, but the maximum scooter speed law of the UK. But it made it hard to work out if we needed to power the scooter overnight, or if we had enough power for the next mornings commute. The Pure Air wont shake or rattle on bumpy roads like some other scooters will, and it feels sturdy when youre riding, turning and braking, so its great for people who want to feel safe on the road. Weight: 16.5 kg / 36 lbs This is another more complex/challenging task. Daniel is an avid scooter fan who has owned and tested over 50 different scooters. Pure Air Pro LR Electric Scooter Hub Pure Recharge: Save up to 150 E-Scooter Maintenance Guide Electric Scooter Legalisation Electric Scooter Finance Why You'll Love E-Scooters Pure Electric App Accessories & Parts Accessories View All Parts Pure Scooters Spare Parts Tyres & Inner Tubes Pure Bikes Spare Parts Maintenance & Repairs Guide Should a part need replacing, then you won't have to wait for it to be shipped from China, as all parts will be stored in the UK. Of course, the exception is only there if your current e scooter battery is worn out, in which case the battery will suffer so much sag that the controllers wont have enough power to feed the motors what theyre capable of thus resulting in a diminished top speed. Theres a single button at the bottom of the screen, which is a little hard to press on the fly, especially if you need to double-tap to change speed modes, but we got used to it. That high-power motor makes the Air Pro adept at scaling hills, so while another scooter might slow dramatically on an incline, you wont lose as much speed here. After turning the scooter off and waiting overnight, wed find an extra bar had magically appeared. To help you compare with the other scooters in the first- and second-generation Pure Air families, check out the graph below as well as some brief stat comparisons. This can get a little more complex. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. So the specs don't appear to be exceptional on paper, but the . Tom Bedford was deputy phones editor on TechRadar until late 2022, having worked his way up from staff writer. Everything that's cool, stylish, and interesting, basically. You live somewhere hilly A backlit display is nicely integrated into the handlebar, allowing you to monitor speed, battery level, and track your mileage with a quick glimpse down. SmartThings Station review: Is Matter worth your money? We're big fans. Range: 22.4miles The button on the display can be a little hard to reach when riding too, but since its only used for lights or changing the speed mode, you likely wont want to use the button when riding. Unlike some scooter apps, it's absolutely not required for riding the vehicle. As such we do not hold or accept liability for the content, views or references used. Underneath theres a stand thats easy to kick out with your foot if you need. If you wont mind going the risky way in an effort to do a Pure electric scooter speed limiter removal, then modification (which is prohibited by the manufacturer) is your only option. Whether you're hoping to speed up your commute, or just fancy a new toy to play around with, Pure Electric's new Pure Air Pro (opens in new tab) could be the ideal solution. All rights reserved. If you ramp up to the fastest mode, which hits 25kmph (or 15mph, which is the speed limit for electric scooters in the UK), the distance youll get before running out of battery seems to diminish much quicker. Motor: 500 W Pure Electric is totally against doing any modifications to hack the speed on their electric scooters. The 2nd Generation Pure Air Pro arrives with improved range and a more powerful motor, but is it as good as the first version? Bath Of course, legally the top speed is limited to 15 mph, but the extra performance helps when climbing hills and carrying heavier loads. This is one of the scooters key selling points, making it vital for people who have long commutes. It ensures you dont go zooming off as soon as you put your finger down on the button, as its easy to lose control that way. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury Bath BA1 1UA All rights reserved. More on those two later. Of course, the Pure Air Pro also has an accompanying app which will let you track journeys, lock the motor of your scooter, and set up your electric scooter. Youll find the Pure Air Pro (2021) pretty heavy to carry too, and weighing 16.5kg its a bit chunkier than some competitors. However, these solutions change quite quickly depending on the year of construction of the scooter. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, The durable frame, triple braking system, and puncture-resistant tires ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Buying a custom controller will often allow you to unlock more speed and power settings without having to upgrade the battery. This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast 6 9 9 comments Best Any-Western-3388 3 yr. ago I was looking for the same thing happylemon76 3 yr. ago The Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Googling your make of scooter + custom controller / uprated controller might yield options for you to buy a controller off the shelf with an easy install. In fact, with its new price its one of the most competitive mid-range scooters, and may even sway over people considering the non-Pro model. These discrepancies were never dramatic, and most of the time the charge went up overnight, not down. 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BA1 1UA. The controller works on a basic I/O system, the throttle will command how much power is required, the controller will send more power to each motor controlled by your throttle. Most scooter motors are capable of being over-volted to a degree, however, some motors will require upgraded windings to support a higher voltage. Both wheels have 10-inch diameters, which is pretty big.
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