What that means to me is that we give all children the tools they need to succeed regardless of their background or personal circumstance; that we move beyond diversity to a true uplifting of all cultures in our schools and curriculum; and that by creating a new culture in the schools we can improve community and family engagement across the board. 215 Columbia Street. Our schools need responsible districting of neighborhood school buildings balanced around budget and transportation. Over in District 35, which covers other parts of North Kingstown and Narragansett in addition to South Kingstown and East Greenwich, incumbent Democrat State Sen. Bridget Valverde is facing Republican challenger Charles C. Callahan. I believe a person can be socially just, financially responsible and put our students first in every decision. The combination of my professional and personal experience makes me the ideal candidate to meet this moment. Absent Voting Members. In my capacity as Legislative Liaison, I have testified several times before various committees of the General Assembly on behalf of the District. Letter: Realists needed on School Committee. Effective communication, transparency, and enhanced dialogue with the community is more important than ever and I know that I have, at times, not felt that my concerns were heard. Democrats Christie Fish, Cadence Hansen and Paula Whitford will also be on the ballot. We have to build a system that ensures all of our students have access to the necessary means for maximum achievement. Putting Creating a new High School campus is also expected to decrease the number of students we have who make the choice to attend our neighboring high schools, resulting in a substantial savings to our District. Low 48F. In all, eight Democrats and five Republicans have filed paperwork to run for the five-member council. person will not be tolerated. Linda Savastano said that while she does not have specifics tonight because she needed to gauge interest before pursuing an in-depth study, she imagines that with adjustments such as moving the tennis court or a field house or possibly using the Admin building as well, she believes it is possible. However, the current plan that is in place needs to be reconfigured with the scope of work and financial costs. For the Narragansett School Committee, eight candidates are in the running, including three of the five incumbents, Tammy McNeiece, Diane S. Nobles and Justin Skenyon. We need buy-in from the teachers, the unions, we need to come together to form a plan and then present it to the community. I am proud of the work this School Committee has done and I will be honored to continue representing the folks of South Kingstown in this capacity. Be Truthful. Stephanie Canter called the October 28, 2019 School Committee Meeting to order at 7:00 PM. She expressed concern that the town/school has dropped the ball with permits, etc. Trust is a necessary component of that. We'd love to hear eyewitness You have permission to edit this article. when it comes to fixing parking lots in the past.. Stephanie Canter and current School Committee member Emily Cummiskey completely ignored mountains of hard data. South Kingstown School Committee Meeting Minutes. Over on the North Kingstown School Committee, Chairman Gregory Blasbalg and member Lisa Hildebrand, both Democrats, are halfway through their four year terms, while Democrats Jacob Mather and Jennifer Hoskins and Republican Bob Jones are seeking reelection. For example, in our last redistricting we used community workshops to listen, repeatedly revised maps based on community comment, and created a plan that had zero opposition when it reached the School Committee. 2. each comment to let us know of abusive posts. 32 talking about this. I support a multi-year, strategic school facility plan that includes our long-term. Most concerning, however, is our timeline with limited opportunity for shared input, dialogue, revision, and community feedback. We need to create a community vision for our school district that is based on our student achievement. Deep cuts would have been made no matter what had happened. Chair Bryant DaCruz called the meeting to order at 9:07am. So, relocating the high school to Curtis Corner makes the most sense to me, both educationally and economically. Attendees - voting members. Let us know in this week's poll question below. South Kingstowns schools desperately need updating and RIDE is offering a once in a generation opportunity to heavily subsidize these improvements. Facebook. Motion seconded by: Jacy Northup. If we are going to re-visit and make education a priority we need to reconsider the committee. Over the past few years Ive been troubled by the division in the community regarding the schools and understand how damaging this can be. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph. 2022-2023 School Calendar ; Broad Rock Students Change the World; North East Navy Band Brass Quintet; Join a Subcommittee; New Year Same Great Schools; Family Engagement Office Updates Three, the initial renovation plan for Columbia Street had not yet considered a phasing plan, a big unknown. I think its time for us to build some bridges and all come together as a community and work for our schools.. Attendees - voting members. When we have a long term vision and plan, we can ensure responsible financial spending while building a solid educational system our children deserve. She then turned the meeting back to the school committee for questions. Whatever path we take, we must deal with maintenance of all of our buildings. A: We are at a pivotal time in South Kingstown's history, as a School Committee member I have had the opportunity to be a part of working on the facility plan as well as recreating the way in which we deliver education. It will create flexible, 21st century spaces and sits on many acres where students can learn from the environment around them. The School Committee brought Scarlett Lewiss Choose Love movement to the district in 2017. She stated that she sees the essential values as Equity, Excellence and the Environment. Tuesday, December 10, 2019 . South Kingstown High School Cafeteria. This school committee has been in office for a year and this plan is floundering. These are serious times that require serious people to lead us. Roland Benjamin stated that the education piece was discussed during the Ed Spec meetings. Most of all, I believe that movement of the High School from its central Wakefield location will exacerbate inequities in the experience of our high school students. Beasley stated that a change to Stage II was long overdue. We have an administrative team who is leading the way in this work and we have top notch teachers and paraprofessionals who are actively engaging. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, Roland E. Benjamin, . More importantly, it is the right move for our learners. This is my third time traveling through our school system, since I attended myself and raised three children in town. Wakefield, RI 02879 . Together, we can do great things in our (MSV 1) Move to direct the Building Committee to proceed with an investigation into Stage II Application to show feasibility of expansion to CCMS for grades 9-12 along with closure of the current high school facility as recommended by Superintendent Savastano. Sarah Markey - Vice Chair. A: Yes, I am in full support of relocating our High School to the Curtis Corner site. In light of this pandemic, we need to seriously considerSocial and Emotional Learning in the district because if the students are not emotionally and physically safe, they cannot learn. Slight chance of a shower late. Each of the two major parties also have a newcomer to the race, with Democrat Jennifer Lima and Republican Hannah Zangari seeking seats on the committee. One, Curtis Corner is a good location and will result in a tighter facility, better suited to todays learning environments and has the support of the Department of Education. Will the addition of Fast Ferry service departing from Quonset impact how often you travel to Block Island? accounts, the history behind an article. I have always had an independent voice, and I fully believe that politics have no place in education. It would be an honor to be part of the continued planning and transformation of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Sorry, there are no recent results for popular videos. A few clouds early, otherwise mostly sunny. South Kingstown should start planning for a pathway to universal, full-day Pre-K. To begin, SK could pursue existing RIDE grant opportunities, collaborating, if possible, with existing private preschool programs at no cost to the town. SOUTH KINGSTOWN HIGH SCHOOL (Precinct 3205) WEST KINGSTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Precinct 3208) NEW LIFE ASSEMBLY (Precinct 3209) MATUNUCK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - ALL-PURPOSE ROOM (Precinct 3210) . Karen Hans supports the idea. However, from an educational standpoint, the largest issue is what is actually happening in our schools. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph.. Mostly clear in the evening. Diane Paolino thanked the committee for bringing up CCMS as an option for the high school. If time had allowed, she believes the committee would have voted to close even sooner. By contrast, the additional operational cost of keeping four schools is projected to be $10 million, the projected proceeds of selling the Wakefield Elementary property is $3 million, and the needed maintenance of Wakefield Elementary over 10 years is approximately $5 million. He also stated that there is a RIDE requirement for who needs to be on the building committee and also a town charter that has some vague language about appointing the majority of the building committee. During this time, I have attended more than 225 hours of Professional Development for School Committees , and have a 90+% meeting attendance record. Northup stated that she likes the idea of switching gears and thinks that taking the time to do this right is very important. A: Voters should place their trust in me because I have a solid moral compass and my core value is Honesty. In South Kingstown, Democrats will choose five of seven candidates to be on the November ballot for Town Council. President Pro Tempure Jill Lawler and fellow incumbents Richard Lema, Patrick Murray and Jesse Pugh are all back on the ballot, where they are joined by challengers David Avedisian, Deborah Kopech, Ewa Dzweirzynski, Jason Colonies, Joseph Robenhymer, Laurie Kelly, Meghan Murray, Michael Millen Jr., Sara Benn, Steven Belaus, Steven Ferrandi, Susan Cicilline Buonanno and Winters B. Hames III. I believe we can improve on efforts to efficiently deliver on our mission in a way that better reflects our community values. For the Republicans, its a reunion of sorts from the 2018 election as current councilors Mary Brimer and Kerry McKay are joined by Randy Weitman, with them previously running a joint campaign in 2018. Political Ad Paid for by Friends of Jacy Northup A: The next school committee will be charged with mending a deep divide in our town. A: I support the plans to relocate the high school for two main reasons. In my humble opinion, the High School students would have more ability to patronize the Main St businesses after school, and would have more access to spending money. The legal decision, for now, gives Donadio a victory over competitor Interstate Navigation as well as Block Island officials who attempted the ferry service because of concerns, they said, over public safety with more passengers arriving to the island and the availability of landing space in Old Harbor. Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. On the Republican side, former State Rep. Doreen Costa is the partys candidate, while, as previously mentioned, Mannix is running as an independent. Alycia Collins. Jacy lives at 13 Pine Str, South Kingstown, RI 02879-3520. South Kingstown High School Cafeteria 215 Columbia Street Wakefield, RI 02879 Attendees - voting members Stephanie Canter - Chair Sarah Markey - Vice Chair Michelle Brousseau AlyciaCollins Emily Cummiskey Kate McMahon Macinanti JacyNorthup Attendees - other Kristen Stringfellow - Superintendent Pauline Lisi- Assistant Superintendent She also sees parking at Curtis Corner as a major issue considering that there are two parking lots at the current high school and still a lot of overflow along Kingstown Rd. Following a ruling from Superior Court Judge Sarah Taft-Carter, Rhode Island Fast Ferry owner Charlie Donadio said this week he hopes to launch his company's summer service from Quonset Point in North Kingstown to Old Harbor on Block Island beginning next year. Keep it Clean. This language led to the appointment of 14 members, 8 appointed by the Town Council. Jacy Northup. Democratic incumbents Abel G. Collins, the Town Council President, Deborah Kelso and Rory McEntee are all seeking re-election, while fellow Democrats Edward Myszak III and Jess Rose will look to join the council. Threats of harming another I believe that all decisions need to be student centered. Chance of rain 50%. Be Nice. The school committee has lost the trust of the community and I believe that I can be part of the process of regaining that trust. She also stated that the plan, whether it be closing CCMS or the HS needs to be communicated to the community with enough time for parents to help their students understand what is happening and why.. Click here to view the entire meeting or click any video icon below to jump to that section of the meeting. I am running for School Committee with a focus on Equity, Inclusion, and Engagement in Education. Over on the South Kingstown School Committee, Democrats Stephanie Canter, the chair of the SKSC, and Michelle Brousseau are seeking reelection as well as incumbent independent Jacy Northup. 215 Columbia Street. Bergner steered her comment back toward Markey, but called out school committee member Jacy Northup for comments she made last week that were basically a throwdown to the community to file ethics complaints against you for your behavior.. South Kingstown School Committee Meeting Minutes Monday, October 28, 2019 South Kingstown High School Cafeteria 215 Columbia Street Wakefield, RI 02879 Attendees - voting members Stephanie Canter - Chair Emily Cummiskey Jacy Northup Kate Macinanti Alycia Collins Michelle Brousseau Absent-voting members Sarah Markey Attendees - Staff Attendees - other . Based on the recent TC/SC meetings, SK is in a time crunch to get this material in to be considered for the Phase 2 of the bond which is vitally important to potential funding. Michelle Brousseau stated she is very interested to see what the students, teachers and community have to say but she does have concerns. Pamela L spoke in favor of keeping CCMS open and keeping the fields. Emily Cummiskey. I have proven myself in my last two years on the School Committee to be all the things I said I was during my 2018 campaign. I bring experience in facility and budget planning, facilitation, strategic planning, conflict resolution, diversity and inclusion and curriculum development. CHANGING THE OFFICIAL NAME OF THE STATE. Use the 'Report' link on Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, When the new council came in, we were able to work in a bipartisan manner, we were able to get these meetings over in two, two and a half hours and in a very friendly and warm manner of hosting, Brimer said. Since serving in South Kingstown, Hicks has relocated from Exeter to Wakefield. For example, I believe there are solutions that can achieve operational efficiency and not require closing a school and building costly additions and have spoken about this in detail. A: I believe the issues we face require a passion for education in addition to a skill set that equips our SC to address the complex issues stated above. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our top stories each week. 7:00 PM - Call to Order . The sum of their experiences - as well as my own - gives me first-hand knowledge and insights into how to serve our entire school community. Such pervasive polarization has prevented us from moving forward. As a native Rhode Islander, I have spent my career supporting learners through work in mental health, education, and educational administration. A. Discussion/Action: School Facilities Plan. She thinks it makes a lot of sense and thinks it will have a lot of support within the community. If thats not possible, then I would support renovations at Columbia Street. A: Strong public schools are essential to a thriving community and I would be honored to be a part of the continued growth and development of public education in South Kingstown. Jacy Northup. Threats of harming another Mosher stated that there are a lot of new people involved but she hopes the time and work that was put into the Ed Spec meetings would be looked at and taken into account. As an incumbent, I am eager to continue the very important work that I have started. A few clouds early, otherwise mostly sunny. She then stressed the importance of sustainable design for a 21st century school. I am seeking re-election because my work on behalf of the community is not complete. She feels like this is something the students would be excited to know they were discussing. South Kingstown High School Cafeteria. I dont believe we will ever again be in a place in history that affords us such a wholly unique opportunity to positively affect the present and future of our childrens education. I have served over the past several years as a volunteer soccer coach, CARES mentor, classroom volunteer, special education advocate and most recently as a member of the COVID Mutual Aid and Support Group. JACY NORTHP As part of the Policy Review Sub Committee we are working to address key issues that exist within our policies and practices that hinder equity. We also need to consider the size of the tax burden, Ed Collins mentioned that Cranston is asking for $133M in bonds for 27 schools, we are looking at $80M for 7 schools., Karen Mcglynn stated that we have South Road; maybe we could use South Road for a senior campus? Notably, I currently have three children in the district. Each side feels they are not being heard and therefore disrespected while, at the end of the day, most of us are striving towards the same goal to do what is best for our community. Low 48F. I am raising four of my grandchildren and see that many of the challenges that existed a generation ago remain. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph. A: It has been my pleasure to serve on the South Kingstown School Committee for 8 years. I have said this before but it deserves mentioning again: We have sorted ourselves in groups that seemingly have immovable walls around them. I appreciate, Emily, that you were able to speak about some of the divides, said community member Deb Bergner, and that made me start to wonder how we can get past that when you were at Broad Rock Middle School the day Kristen Stringfellow was placed on leave, and you were seen fist bumping teachers saying we did it. To me, I struggle with how that behavior is professional or appropriate in the climate you now want to create.. Michelle Brousseau. accounts, the history behind an article. RIDE supports the current plan and called it Bold and Visionary. I will continue to work hard to make the district the best it can be, she said. His grandchildren also attend school in the district. She also stated that we did look at doing a high school at Curtis Corner briefly but it was not fully vetted so she thinks doing a full study would make a lot of sense. I am not afraid to stand up for what is right, to ask meaningful questions, and to engage in collaborative, productive discussions to come to an agreement. Visit www.jacynorthup.com Why or why not? ** Precincts with more than one ballot scanner may display as 100% reported despite results only being received from one scanner. With new leadership at the helm, with numerous, passionate and very involved community members and an amazing team to district employees from admin to bus drivers, to teachers, teach aids, custodians I cant name them all we are destined for success in SK.. Increasing clouds with showers after midnight. My history in the community demonstrates my commitment to honor and elevate the members within it. that is degrading to another person. 215 Columbia Street. Jacy A. Northup (South Kingstown Town Council, Rhode Island, candidate 2022) Jacy A. Northup Democratic Party Candidate, South Kingstown Town Council Elections and appointments Last election September 13, 2022 Submit contact information Send Ballotpedia contact information for this person It was a good idea then and it is a good idea now. 28-06-1971 is her birth date. At the recent League of Women Voters South Kingstown School Committee forum, a lot of information was given by the candidates. Besides allowing community input on a regular basis, these forums allowed community members to learn and ask questions about initiatives supported by the School Committee before they were implemented. Tuesday, May 28, 2019 . With the June 24 deadline for candidates to file to run for office now past, the Sept. 8 primaries for both local and statewide elections are now set with a mix of some old and new faces, and a few surprises as well. High quality, universal Pre-K has been shown by RIDE to reduce the total cost to school districts. NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. An investigator's report released by the North Kingstown School Committee late Monday night shows that former high school coach Aaron Thomas' naked "fat tests" of . A: I am running for School Committee because I believe that people that work in education should be more involved with how education is developed and run. I and other members of the Executive Committee heard from many in our party who were concerned about Mr. Ed Collins described the recent renovation to Eden Park Elementary School which entailed revamping one wing (18,000 sq.ft.) In District 31, which covers parts of North Kingstown and Exeter, Democratic State Rep. Julie Casimiro will face independent challenger Gregory Fetland. We have some amazing teachers and leaders in our district. Would you like to receive our daily news? Results will be updated when the results from any additional scanner(s) in that precinct are received. Unfortunately, the facilities application is due less than three months after the election. Former South Kingstown Superintendent Bob Hicks was appointed by the school committee to serve at interim superintendent while Kristen Stringfellow is out on administrative leave. Jacy A. Northup (DEM) Polling place: 137; Mail ballots: 28; Early Voting: 50; 215: 6.6% Ed Collins described the recent renovation to Eden Park Elementary School which entailed revamping one wing (18,000. School committee member Jacy Northup, who's sat on the building committee the longest, said she feels "really, really good" about moving forward with the Curtis Corner project. A: While reasonable people can differ on this, I lean towards the Curtis Corner site for a few reasons. Chance of rain 60%. Chance of rain 60%. I encourage everyone to stop any personal attacks. . Wakefield, RI 02879 . Council candidates Deborah Kelso, Jim Lathrop, Jess Rose, Deborah Bergner, Dorald Beasley and Abel Collins took part. I am concerned that the issues with the site that were brought up on numerous occasions (ledge, wetlands, traffic, etc) will make completion of the project in the manner envisioned impossible. Major renovation of a building while it is in use would be very daunting and Id envision substantial program disruptions for students, perhaps with grades 9 and 10 spending multiple years at Curtis Corner. School committee member Emily Cummiskey opened up the discussion at the table by acknowledging a divide within the community but asking everyone to work on moving forward together. There will, of course, be mistakes, and mistakes are allowed, but we need to own them and learn from them in order to move forward. Attendees - Voting Members. If Rhode Island Fast Ferry successfully launches its summer service next year, will it impact how often you travel to Block Island? Move to direct the Building Committee to proceed with an investigation into Stage II Application to show feasibility of expansion to CCMS for grades 9-12 along with closure of the current high school facility as recommended by Superintendent, . SOUTH KINGSTOWN HIGH SCHOOL (Precinct 3205) WEST KINGSTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Precinct 3208) NEW LIFE ASSEMBLY (Precinct 3209) . SOUTH KINGSTOWN This year, four seats are up for grabs on the school committee and eight local candidates are hoping to fill those vacancies. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph. Kaitlin Blachley thanked the committee for bringing up CCMS for the high school and wants to hear that families are moving to South Kingstown for the high school. We need your help. Kate Macinanti. Waters does gather the required signatures, he can continue his campaign and run as a Republican, though it will be without the endorsement or support of the Rhode Island Republican Party.. A: Im running on several interconnected issues but if I had to pick just one, Id start with gap closing in the early years. In District 34, which covers parts of Narragansett and South Kingstown, State Rep. Teresa Tanzi faces two fellow Democrats in Gina Giramma and Kimberly McGovern, while Democratic State Rep. Kathleen Fogarty also receives an in party challenger in Spencer Dickinson in District 35, which covers other parts of South Kingstown. This includes tackling discipline, transportation, access to programs and special education. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism I would like to see that program re- instituted and expanded across the district. A: The most important issue facing our communitys schools is the inequity in outcomes. We need to better develop the whole child through special education and unified arts curriculum.We cannot cut from these areas year after year. educational vision which is supported by our educators, our administration, and our community. She said Cranstons idea to involve the Alumni Association and the teams in the rebuilding of the fields was very successful. It should have an engineer/construction professional on the committee to answer questions. A: Our school district is in need of a long term district vision. I believe this experience would allow me to be an immediate asset to the School Committee as we face complex decisions in the years to come, and I am ready to serve.
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