Count Dooku is best used to hunt down heroes, using Expose Weakness and Duelist to kill them and move on to the next target since Expose Weakness instantly recharges if you kill the target fast enough, you can essentially always have Expose Weakness handy! Not every Star Wars: Battlefront 2 character is created equal. 22. I'm sure you can all guess that it is Darth Vader is hands-down the best hero in Battlefront 2. Heck, the only thing that Chewbacca can do that no other hero an do is efficiently knock Boba Fett out of the sky but even still, Leia can do that as well, even if not as reliably! Anakin may have four powerful abilities and an overpowered ability chain, but he's nowhere near the dominant #1 character that he used to be. His damage output is almost unmatched, and he could actually be considered to be the strongest hero in Heroes vs. Villains. However, since Dooku is still not all that great in large-scale game modes due to his very limited abilities, he can not rank any higher than ninth place on this list. Related: Star Wars Battlefront II - What Should've Come To The Game. Unfortunately, BB-9E lacks in virtually every other department. These bugs are the only thing standing between Anakin and the top spot on our list. This ability is insane in one-shoting troopers or taking down Boba Fett from the sky! The Supreme Leader of the First Order now finds himself as a formidable foe now. Leia has more tricks up her sleeve than Finn, however, and this versatility for different scenarios and game modes gives her a leg up. Today, we'll be ranking all 22 heroes and villains in Battlefront 2, exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each hero across all popular game typesCapital Supremacy, Galactic Assault, and Heroes vs. Villains. His Duelist ability allows him to deal damage like no other character can, his Lightning Stun leaves enemies extremely vulnerable, and his Expose Weakness ability makes him deal extreme damage to whoever is weakened by it! He has one of the best blasters in the game, an explosive device that can deal massive damage to crowds and villains alike, and he has a good movement skill. Theres something about Yoda that just doesnt make him much of a threat when you run into him. His Smoke Grenade is almost useless except that it cancels locking-on with a lightsaber, and ever since the Disabler was nerfed, it has become rather bad overall. Her Thermal Detonators and Defender Pistol shred through most enemies youll come across. Her blaster fires incredibly fast, meaning she can dish out a lot of damage in a short period of time. Chewbacca can still deal huge damage in hero modes with his Furious Bowcaster, stun tons of targets with his Shock Grenade, or weaken rooms of enemies with his Charge Slam. In this video we rank all of Star Wars Battlefront 2's Heroes and Villains from Worst to Best, taking into account the brand new Hero Changes!If you wish to . He used to be a B Tier character but with great buffs, come great results. Longtime players will no doubt remember how strong Anakin was when he first launched, and while hes not at that level anymore, hes still very much a force to be reckoned with and will always be a hero players fight over. Block will sometimes stop working if you block before using Spin Attack. Han Solo8. Luckily, those days are now behind him, but he remains in the top tier and is actually one of the easiest heroes to go on a killing streak with. Greivous' Shattered Armor 3) 3. Yes, Leia does have a higher DPS than Han and her weapon takes less time to cooldown. People like Battlefront Knight and the Ozzy Jedi have ranked Leia in eleventh and fifteenth, respectively. Grievous excels in taking out single targets with Thrust Surge and his normal attacks, and his Claw Rush has great potential for escaping an insurmountable encounter, weakening huge groups of enemies, or knocking down heroes to get the upper hand. When he's not out playing jazz, Jeremy is deeply immersed in the latest games, much to the distress of his attention-hungry cat. Shes someone who will shine in team-oriented game modes since she has a good way to lead the charge into battle, such as when shell allow your team to see through walls, but she will struggle in 1v1s against fellow heroes. We are not ranking Starfighter Assault heroes or non-hero characters like reinforcements. Yoda also has slow lightsaber swings when compared to other heroes, making it easy to block his attacks. Rey. If you unlock all 24 cosmetics in the collection . Unless youre playing with a coordinated team in Heroes vs. Villains, youre better off playing another hero. This is not true, because Leia's alternate fire allows her to not only break through blocks at any given time, but allows her to snipe from across the map. This was back when Claw Rush accidentally was bugged to be able to run over enemies as many times as you wanted to! First of all, he is so buggy if Heroic Might or Retribution is used, there's a chance he won't be able to attack or defend himself due to a bug this makes him a waste of Battle Points if the bug activates! All Star Wars Battlefront 2 Heroes RANKED from Worst to Best! Related: Star Wars: What Video Game Version Of Luke Skywalker Is Best (& Why). Captain Phasma looks pretty cool, but outside of that, she doesnt have a whole lot going for her. She may be one of the strongest characters in the Skywalker Saga, but in Battlefront 2 Rey falls surprisingly short. Against heroes, Kylo also fares surprisingly well. Why Star Wars Battlefront 2 is Worth Playing in 2021, Star Wars Battlefront 2's Best Free Mods To Improve The Game, Battlefront 2 Made Star Wars' Worst Gimmicks Cool, Star Wars games potentially explore Solos canceled sequels, Star Wars: What Video Game Version Of Luke Skywalker Is Best (& Why), Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hits 19 Million Players After Epic Games Giveaway, EA's Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Is Officially Great Now, New Marvel Story Game To Feature Star Wars Battlefront 2 Star, Jedi: Survivor Proves The Trailers Lied In The First Hour, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Review - Cal Kestis Becomes One of Star Wars' Best Heroes, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: How To Get A Mount. Finn may be a Resistance hero in the films, but hes not all that great when it comes to Battlefront 2. In the movies? Her Insight ability allows friendly players to see through walls. His Passionate Strike ability is mostly only useful as part of his ability chain or to break through lightsaber blocks. Rey19. There isn't much you can do about the latter, but having a clear understanding of a character's strengths and weaknesses can make it much easier to find a hero that gels with your playstyle. With the many optional sequel-era heroes and villainsthe studio could have added (Poe Dameron, General Hux, Rose Tico, or Supreme Leader Snoke), it was considered a let-down by some in the Battlefrontcommunity. He can aimbot enemies and melt through more mobile targets like Boba Fett! But in my opinion? After Battlefront 2received its last updateback in April 2020, it became clear that Lando wasnt going to budge, which means he remains one of the game's least effective heroes. With an understanding of games for as long as he can remember, Charles has a large interest in understanding what makes things fun. Her Staff Strikes are essentially above-average melee attacks, and her droid is quite overpowered in close quarters! This dichotomy can be attributed to one thing: Deadeye. There's no sniping with the Night Sniper: it is all just short-range, meh damage. Dioxis Grenades deal solid damage over time over a wide area, Proximity Mines can annihilate a heros health bar, and Predator Instincts activate Bossks grenade launcher that can stay active for minutes with the right loadout. 34. Leia is S Tier. In some situations, Luke can be considered to be the strongest hero in the game, and on any given day, we could actually place him at number one on this list. When DICEs latest update completed Battlefront 2by adding sequel-trilogy droids BB-8 and BB-9E, many fans were understandably disappointed. Obi-Wan Kenobi BF2 8. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright . He kind of finds himself unable to stand out amongst the other blaster heroes, which is never a great thing. As such, hes rarely used in Heroes vs. Villains modes where he has fewer friendly targets to affect with his radials, and he has a higher chance of going toe-to-toe with lightsaber-wielders like Darth Vader. I've had some really controversial opinions on this list, but this is easily one of the most controversial opinions I have. Buff-heavy characters like Finn are more conducive toBattlefront 2's Supremacy or Co-Op modes, whereas a fast-moving heavy-hitter like Luke might be better off in a Heroes vs Villains match. Insight is the best ability in the game by far. Unfortunately, multiple nerfs throughout Battlefront 2s lifespan have significantly reduced Bobas effectiveness as an anti-infantry hero for Galactic Assault and Supremacy. Star Wars Battlefront 2: All Heroes RANKED! However, her alternate fire is what stands out the most to me: she can ignore blocks endlessly with her alternate fire, and she can deal huge AoE damage! Unlock 24 explosive limited-time cosmetics, with Legendary skins for Wattson, Rampart, Gibraltar, and more. He can easily take down saber heroes with those two abilities! He might not be the best for Galactic Assault of Supremacy, but Count Dooku is an excellent choice for Heroes vs. Villains. Though it leaves him a bit vulnerable, this ability is extremely useful both offensively and defensively! I hope you enjoyed. But since he can't tank damage with blocks like the next heroes can, he and Leia sadly have to be placed at the bottom of S Tier. Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been out for a while now and seen some significant changes to the game. Star Wars Battlefront 2: Every Dark Side Hero, Ranked By Joseph Heindl Published Jan 31, 2021 Those who join the dark side in Battlefront 2 have many hero options. He also has Choke Hold, a very strong Force ability, and Furious Throw, where he quickly throws his lightsaber forward for a decent chunk of damage! And there's only one Palpatine. Yoda also has Unleash, one of the most unique abilities in the game! Unlike its First Order counterpart, BB-8 can output a respectable amount of damage. Related: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hits 19 Million Players After Epic Games Giveaway. However, that does not mean he is one of the best. Lando Calrissian18. Related: Why Star Wars Battlefront 2 is Worth Playing in 2021. I did just rank BB-8 above Rey, and I have no regrets about it. Shes also good in large-scale modes, utilizing Droid Shield to get away with some reckless plays. New villains such as Captain Phasma, Count Dooku, General Grievous, and BB-9E were added to the Separatists, Empire, and First Order factions, while Finn, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and BB-8 were added to the heroes. Anakin's excellent base stats and ability kit allow him to slice through infantry like butter while giving villains a tough time. While there are other overpowered guns in Star Wars Battlefront 2, Han Solos DL-44 reigns supreme. Dooku is a very strong hero against those who dont quite understand how to go against him. Kylo is second only to Luke and Maul in terms of speed, and this alone makes him very powerful! Obi-Wan is made for defensive players, but he doesnt really ever seem to impact the game in a major way. All three of his abilities are excellent for holding chokepoints, and with the right Star Cards this angle can be pushed to an even further degree. His Sharpshooter ability is definitely the weak link of his three abilities, but is still decent, as it allows for easier aiming and is more forgiving, as well as allowing you to melt through the blocking stamina of saber heroes. He may lack the speed of Luke Skywalker or the AoE damage of Anakin, but newer players will probably be able to stay alive longer by using Obi-Wan. He can deal damage with his primary weapons in two ways: to save stamina and fire with one-hand to be able to attack multiple targets for longer, or he can fully focus on killing one target with both hands. Ranking ALL 10 BLASTER Heroes & Villains in Battlefront 2 (FROM WORST TO BEST) 6,718 views Jul 9, 2021 235 Dislike Share Darth Senju 4.69K subscribers Battlefront 2 All blaster heroes and. True to his moniker, Anakin is one of the strongest heroes in the game, even after DICE gave him several nerfs. His large hitbox and slow speed make Chewbacca tough to use in Heroes vs. Villains, but for skilled blaster mains, his damage output is surprisingly high. Lightsaber heroes and villains ranked. While Captain Phasma isnt as bad as many players would have you believe, she isnt great either. Obi-Wan Kenobi14. Compared to most blaster heroes, Landos claim to fame is Sharp Shot. Honestly the Grand Master himself should be a top tier hero, but alas, he is not. As a part of the game's shift to the Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker joinedBattlefront 2via the Chosen One update. Even though they might rank higher, Leia, Lando, and Finn arent options, as they didn't exist during the Clone Wars. All-Out Push and Defensive Rush make for solid anti-infantry abilities in larger game types like Capital Supremacy.
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